Mascara Recommendations & Comparision – product reviews

So I have noticed that roughly once a year, I get a new full sized mascara. The rest of the year, I live off of making my favorites last or I use travel/sample sizes that I get from a variety of places. A year ago, I was introduced to Stila’s HUGE Extreme Lash mascara via Ipsy and fell in love with how it made my lashes look! But, when I went to Ulta to get my own full sized tube for Christmas, they had sold out completely! And that is when I found my next favorite from Too Faced. I bought a tube of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and found that I liked it almost better than the Stila mascara!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and Milk Cosmetics Ubame Mascara

This year, thanks to a gift card to Sephora, I picked up a brand new tube of Better Than Sex Mascara and have been thoroughly enjoying having a fresh new mascara to add to my makeup routine. However, as I have kept an eye on major brands’ Christmas sales, I stumbled across a deal at Stila that included a full sized tube of HUGE Extreme Lash mascara, eyeliner, blush/lip cream, and lip gloss all for $15! I was shocked and quickly snatched it up. I went back later that day and it had sold out completely.


The crazy thing is that now I have both of my favorite mascaras in front of me, I have a clear preference for one over the other. One of the thing that makes me like both of these mascaras is the hour glass shaped brush. I feels like it exaggerates and draws out and up the lashes in a way other mascaras I’ve tried don’t. I already have dark and mostly full eyelashes, so I don’t need a LOT of help when it comes to emphasizing my eyelashes, but I do love the way these mascaras do darken my lashes more. Anyway, after having almost two kids, my lashes have changed a good bit (mainly gotten thinner). Another reason I do like both of these mascaras is you really don’t need more than one coat for each eye and that’s with wiping the excess mascara off the brush!

Alright so now which is my preferable mascara?? I’d have to say it’s the Better Than Sex one! They are both really good, and I do really like Stila’s mascara, but the Too Faced mascara’s brush has a more defined hour glass shape and it does go on a teensy bit smoother than the Stila mascara! I do highly recommend both mascaras still. For their price and the fact that they really do last for quite awhile, I’d say these are still my top top favorites out of all of the mascara I’ve tried. And I’ve tried both high end mascara and the low end mascara (low end = low cost).

If you’re looking for a new mascara to try or to replace an old tube, check out Stila’s HUGE Extreme Lash mascara or Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara!

Beauties on Fire Collab – The 7 Deadly Sins


Hi Beauties!

so sorry for the delay with this week’s post for the Beauties on Fire collab. Thursday was a bad day, Friday was packed, and then the weekend has been very busy for us. I’m currently sitting in yoga pants, not a lick of makeup on my face, having just gotten up from a much needed nap. Anyway, let’s dive in to the post!

The theme this week (last week) was The 7 Deadly Sins.

All of these sins were things I grew up with (not under the title of the seven deadly sins) but I knew Wrath very well, was always shamed about being Slothful, and Gluttony was often brought up. But honestly, the one that caught my eye for this post was Envy. This is something I’m very aware of in my life, and I absolutely hate whenever someone is envious of me. I guess up could say that’s one of the immediate things that will cause me to no longer want to hang out with you. If I sense you’re envious, then you might as well leave now. Maybe that’s harsh, but I consider my friends equals, and when I feel like I’m being put on a pedestal, I know longer feel an equal camaraderie with my fellow being.  So with those things in mind, I dove in to creating my look.


First, these are the main products I used to create my look. I thought about going all out and putting together an outfit as I have a deep green sequined dress, but I’m not so sure it fits me anymore in my present state. I knew the look I wanted to create would use my Urban Decay’s smoky eye palette. Using my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion Primer, I prepped my eyelids with that. I already had on a little bit of raise colored eyeliner and some mascara from doing errands earlier in the day, but I think those two things merely added to the grunge factor I was going for. I started with Loaded and used a little bit of Blackout along my lash line once my eyes were finished. I got a tiny two color Coastal Scents palette from Birchbox awhile ago with a bright green and gold, which I used to complete my eye look. On a whim, I used Backdoor on my brows and it created the bold brow I wanted without being too much.

Okay, so I am going to eat my words about primers. I have always said never get a primer with Silicone in it, and what did I do? Got a primer with silicone in it! I have heard several good things about the Wet n’ Wild primer but as I had two other primers I was currently using, I hadn’t gotten it yet. This past week, I ran out of my Baby Skin primer from Maybelline, AND my primer from e.l.f. cosmetics. I didn’t check the ingredients until I got home because I knew I wanted to try it, and when I was it had silicone in it, my first was response was “Well, sh*t.” Second response was, “I have it now, so I’ll give it a try.” Beauties, I’m kind of amazed. I would put it at the level of my favorite Baby Skin primer. Even though it is a very different consistency, it works just as well. I haven’t noticed any major slippage of my foundation yet, but I also don’t wear heavy foundation anyway. I’m going to keep using this for a bit longer before I can give a recommendation, but for right now, I give is a hesitant Maybe.

Moving on to foundation. I have really enjoyed using my Revlon Photoready Illuminator and mixing it with whatever foundation I want to use during the day. It’s been a great summer mix, and I think I will continue this into the fall and winter. I used my e.l.f. foundation since I wanted a heavier coverage for my look, and when applied with a damp beauty sponge, I was able to get an almost airbrushed look!

Not pictured are the blushes and contours I used as well as my lipstick. I used a deep wine colored Rimmel lipstick (the name of which is escaping me presently) and as I wanted a lot of shadows, I used my Jelly Pong bronzer combo and my Wet n Wild contour palette.

I had a lot of fun creating this look and I think I freaked my husband out with how dramatic it was! Oh well, I explained it was all for the blog. I had no intentions of walking out of the house with my eyes looking so ominous!


Thank you for reading and hop over to Elisabeth’s blog for the rest of our posts!

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Product Review – Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation

Happy Monday!

How’s your week going so far? Mine’s a little wonky since my car is in the shop but I don’t mind being stuck at home since the weather is finally so beautiful outside!

I recently snatched Stila’s foundation during a recent Hautelook deal (seriously, keep an eye out at Hautelook, they have a lot of amazing deals!) and I couldn’t wait to try it. I consistently go back to my favorite e.l.f foundation but am becoming more willing to try different foundations. Especially since using a primer helps protect my skin and helps new products go on much more smoothly. I was also quite intrigued by the look of this foundation. I’ve never used a product that is swirled together like this foundation, but like I said, I was eager to try it. And guess what! It didn’t disappoint. I love how light it feels on my skin and it actually is a good shade for me. I got the lightest shade Stila offers which is Light or Fair. This foundation is also currently available at Stila for $15 instead of $44 so I’d highly recommend grabbing some!! It is definitely easily buildable but one coat provides a decent amount of coverage for me.

Okay, so here’s the video and I’ll be back later this week with more reviews and some hairstyles I’ve been experimenting with!