Welcoming 2017 & Goals

Hi Beauties!

Welcome to 2017! It feels weird that it’s January. 2016 was a rough year for me, but it also felt like the year flew by! Lashes & Rouge has been around for almost a year and a half now, and I’m trying to decide where I want to take the blog in the coming year. I know I have to step back because of baby #2 coming at the end of next month, but how much I’ll be stepping back is still up in the air. I haven’t stopped wearing makeup, haha, I don’t think I could now, but my focus can’t be so narrowed in on this blog.

So, what are some of the things I do want to do?

  • I want to post at least twice a month, and I have a lot of ideas, it’s merely going to be a matter of finding time and energy to put posts up.
  • I’m going to split posts up between three categories (at least for now); Fashion, Makeup/Hair, and Reviews.

I’m still trying to find my niche with being a beauty blogger, and because of that, I’m hesitant to really stick with only one or two things! I recently picked up this planner and I want to try planning out my blogging schedule instead of just doing it whenever I have a few minutes. I’ll also be using this planner to keep track of baby #2’s drs appointments and surgeries and such too because yeah, lots of information going to be coming my way soon!

I left the company I was with last September and since then have been experimenting a lot with skin care and face care. So hopefully I can get my reviews of my new favorites with skin care routines up soon! Being halfway through the third trimester means I’m struggling to keep up with day to day things, never mind about blogging with any consistency!

I hope the first week of this new year has been good for you already, and thank you for following along as I shift and adjust this blog!

My Favorite Summer Products

Hi Beauties,

On Thursday, Beauties on Fire will officially start! I’m looking forward to having a weekly post already lined up since blogging is a little iffy for me right now. (P.s. go check out Elizabeth’s blog to find out how you can join up in this collaboration!!)

I realized I haven’t done a favorite product post recently, so I think it’s time to do that. I have been keeping my makeup very clean and simple lately, adding in maybe cat eyes or a vibrant lipstick every once in awhile. One of the things I’m sticking with consistently this summer is doing eyebrows, using eyelash curlers, and mascara. That’s the most basic that I get and honestly, I really like it. Okay, so now, here’s the list of the products I’ve been using nonstop and of course, WHY!

Starting at the first product, Eyebrows!

Eylure Defining and Shading Firm Pencil, Dark Brown. I have come to adore this eyebrow pencil and it is by far my favorite out of everything I’ve tried. I have also been able to figure out the best way to do my eyebrows and honestly can have them done in a minute. This may sound odd to some of you (probably most) but I always do my eyebrows first. Even before I put my primer one. This way, if I mess up, or need to correct lines, I can do that with whatever foundation and/or powder I use on my face for the day. This pencil is easy to us, easy to sharpen, and is a rather creamy formula. It also stays all day. And it’s not even half the price of Benefit’s brow products! Which, okay slay me now, I’m not really the biggest fan of. Granted, I haven’t tried very many of their new line of brow products, but honestly, the brow pencil I tried paled in comparison to this one from Eylure.

Next comes….Primer!

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer. I swear by this primer. It’s smooth, silky, DOES NOT have silicon in it, and it helps protect my skin from breaking out as well as keeping whatever else I put on my face from sliding off. I use about a pea sized portion, and apply it with my beauty sponge. NEVER my fingers. *hint hint never use fingers hint hint* Using a primer of any sort helps give your foundation, bb cream, cc cream, or even just powder, something to grab on to and hold while you go about your day. This is especially helpful and important when wearing makeup in the summer. It’s so hot and sticky (depending on where you live) and your makeup sweating off is a very real fear. Primers can help prolong makeup on a sweating face.

Okay, what’s next. Oh yeah, Foundation/BB cream/CC cream/Illuminator

Revlon Photoready Skinlights, Bare Light and Rimmel Wake Me Up BB Cream Radiance Foundation, Light.  Alright, so these are the two foundation “like” products I’ve been using simultaneously. I picked up the Revlon illuminator quite a while ago and it wasn’t until about two months that I really started using it. I got it originally to use as a highlighter and really didn’t care for it. But now, I use it as an extra for whatever foundation I’m using and it gives such a depth to an otherwise flat-ish finish. I usually use about a penny’s worth of the two combined so it ends up being a very light layer of foundation on my face. I’ll add more of the Revlon illuminator than the Rimmel BB cream as I like more of an almost glow-y look for summer time. Using my beauty sponge, I’ll dab and blend these two all over my face. And here’s a quick tip for you. Don’t blend in right away. Dab and leave it looks thick on your face but as soon as the product starts to set/dry, that’s when you can blend it in for a perfect finish. I discovered this by accident and have started taking these steps every time I apply foundation now. It really helps create a smooth finish! Also, the reason I’m really like the Rimmel cream right now is because it has SPF in it. I HATE putting sunscreen on and especially abhor putting it on my face. But when I can put on a bb cream that actually have 20 SPF in it, that’s a win win for me!

Now for the decorating! Blush/Bronzer/Highlighters!

Jelly Pong Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo and Essence Cream to Powder Highlighter, Bright Up Your Life

(I have two different products I’ve been using consistently for blush/highlighters. I can’t find the second product on Amazon, but here’s a picture of it. Target actually sells it.)

Okay, as I’ve actually gotten a nice little tan on my face and arms this summer, the darker colors of this bronzer duo actually do not both me, nor do they feel very dark. The darker brown is a really nice and perfect contouring shade for me, so that’s been fun to actually get some nice shadows! I wasn’t sure about the cream to powder highlighter, but it has also surprised me. It’s a beautiful subtle shimmer and I always apply the highlight first before blush. This helps create a not so in your face highlight and it gives something to blend your blush into. Sometime soon I want to do a “how to apply blush according to your face shape” post! I’ve had a lot of fun figuring out where to apply blush correctly on my face to enhance my features and not drag them down. Alright, so for the highlighter, I apply it at the very top of my cheek bones and sweep up following the lines of my eyes. I’ll then dab it on the tip of my nose, do a faint streak down my nose, and then a little at my cupids bow in my upper lip and a little on my chin. I actually avoid my forehead because I’ve noticed using a highlighter on my forehead actually makes it more oily. For the blush and contour, I’ll sweep the blush from the outer corner of my eye, almost at the top of my cheek bone and sweep up towards the top of my ear. For the contour, I can easily find the shadows of my cheeks now, so I’ll place some on those shadows, staying in line with the outer corner of my eyes, then sweep up towards the top of my ears and down towards the corner of my mouth.

Next, it’s Finishing Powder!

Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder. I really like this translucent finishing powder. My favorite part about it is that it’s only $3.99 from Target (and I believe at Ulta). It’s a nice blender and helps soften any drastic lines I may not have blended all the way. Another tip here, always apply your mascara last as it won’t pick up the finishing powder. I also do not blend with sweeping motions when applying finishing powder. I literally dab it and pat it on to my face. You don’t want to disturb or shift anything you already have on your face (blush, highlights, bronzer, contouring…) so take your time when applying finishing powder!

And last but not least, Mascara!


Stilla Glamoureyes, Black and Urban Decay Perversion, Black. I recently picked up a free travel sized Urban Decay Perversion mascara and wasn’t sure if I’d like it. As with any product I suddenly hear a ton of hype about, I’m cautious about trying it simply because of the hype (especially when said hype is coming from the parent company itself). But lo and behold, I am finding myself gravitating towards that mascara even more than my beloved Glamoureyes from Stilla. It’s smooth, does not leave huge clumps of excess mascara behind, and I find my lashes are extremely well defined once I apply the Perversion mascara.

Alrighty, so these are all my current favorites for the summer! Keep your eyes peeled for Thursday’s Classic Beauty post collaboration for Beauties on Fire!!


Stila Glamoureyes Mascara


Happy Monday!

To kick the week off right, I tried a new mascara I got from Stila Cosmetics called Glamoureyes. I happened to check their website a few weeks ago, and managed to snag the mascara for $6! It is now $15 but is originally sold for $22. I am a big fan of Stila’s HUGE extreme lash mascara so I figured that trying another one of their mascaras wouldn’t hurt!

FullSizeRender (1)

I was pleasantly surprised at how much the mascara made my lashes plump up instantly! I had tried the mascara as soon as I got it but didn’t think I liked it. I am glad I gave it another shot because I think it will be one of my go-to mascaras.

Anyway, I’ll be posting soon about the newest palette I got from Julep. In the meantime, have an awesome week!

p.s. I highly suggest keeping an eye on your favorite high end brand’s website as this is the time of year when the spring collections are being brought in and they’re phasing out some of last season’s makeup. Lots of deals and discounts!

Curls Galore – Part 2

Hi babes!

I finally feel like we’re getting back into the swing of things! Right in time for Christmas, of course. Anyway, as a distraction from finishing wrapping and putting together gifts, I wanted to share with you all some of my recent finds of curly hair products. Enjoy and please let me know if any of you have ever tried any of these!

Edit: the Rockaholic Dry Shampoo is actually a lot more at Target than I remembered. I bought it off of Amazon for $13

Reviews: Le Tote vs. Stitch Fix

Over the month of October, I tried a new(ish) subscription service called Le Tote. I had seen a friend post about getting a tote box and was instantly curious. I have tried Stitch Fix before but this seemed a little different. Now that my first month is over, I am ready to give my comparisons and recommendations with these two fashion subscription services.

However, before I jump into the pros and cons of each company, I want to explain a little about what each company does. I am calling these companies “Fashion Subscription Services” because you sign up and monthly receive a box (or boxes) of fashionable clothes and accessories. They are similar to Ipsy and Birchbox only in the way that they are monthly subscriptions.

Stitch Fix

I have gotten fixes from Stitch Fix several times over the past five years. I have had very mixed feelings about it until this year when I decided to try Stitch Fix again. Here is an example of what Stitch Fix sends in their box each month. (I have gotten more than two fixes, but I could only find two inserts from the boxes)


You get five items, all personally picked by a stylist at Stitch Fix. There are usually 4-5 pieces of clothing and 1-2 accessories (necklaces, earrings, scarves, and it looks like they have now added shoes to their fixes – which is new). As with Ipsy, Birchbox, and any other subscription service, you fill out a questionnaire and the stylists go off of that.

Out of all of these pieces of clothing, I only ever kept the Kinzie Embroidery Detail Top. I wore that top all summer and it is still one of my favorite tops. I almost kept a pair of skinny jeans, but they just didn’t fit quite right. I liked about 75% of the clothes and accessories I got from Stitch Fix.

Okay, here’s a list of pros and cons.

Pros –

  • $20 styling fee a month
  • $20  styling fee goes towards any item(s) you want to keep from your stitch fix. If you keep the whole box, then you get a certain percentage off.
  • Stylists pay attention to your style profile
  • accessories/clothes somewhat decently priced
  • comes with a pre-stamped bag to simply drop off at the post office
  • Now has maternity options

Cons –

  • Stylists don’t always get your style
  • only five items ONCE a month
  • accessories/clothes expensive depending on what you get
  • Have to return stitch fix in one week or you get charged for the whole box

Personally, I enjoyed my boxes from Stitch Fix. I felt like the stylists who did my boxes did a good job. I didn’t like the prices of some things, but you also get what you pay for. So in that case, the prices on the jeans and higher end and good quality clothes I would say were worth the price.

Le Tote

Okay, so with Stitch Fix, I have probably gotten 6 fixes over the past five years. Three the first time I signed up a few years ago, and then three this past spring/summer. This was the first thing I noticed about Le Tote, you can get as many totes as you want in a month for one flat fee at the beginning of the month. So I got 4 totes in less than a month.

I adore the purple tote I got in the first box. I may go back later and purchase that I liked it that much. I just didn’t need it! Need versus want, ya know? These are in order of 1 box to last box from left to right. In the second box, I actually kept the teal dress. It is the only button up, A-line, long sleeved dress I’ve ever found that has actually fit with absolutely no gaping at the buttons. And that purple stoned ring? OH my gosh, it’s so gorgeous! I didn’t like the last two totes as much, but I was also mainly just trying to get to the end of the month so I could get as many boxes before I was charged for November.

Here’s a little info on how Le Tote works. They have a store to begin with. Meaning; you can buy the things you’ve gotten in your boxes if you decide after shipping it back you wanted it. You get to pick and choose what you want in your “closet.” You also fill out a survey with your weight, age, and sizes of garments you typically wear. This is to help the stylists pick the best sizes for you. Then, when it comes to the boxes themselves this is where things get really good. You get an email two days before your box ships letting you know you can customize your box! I mean, c’mon! Who does that! There are typically 5 garments in each box unless Le Tote gives you a special gift and you get 6 like I did for 3 out of my 4 boxes. So you get to go into your account and customize the box before it ships. To swap out a garment or accessory, you can choose from 15-20 different pieces. (Less if it’s an accessory) Le Tote is always adding more garments and such so the more you add to your closet the more the stylists know what to choose for you. Not only do you get to pick and choose what you get, you can also keep your box for as long as you want (i.e. the whole month then you get charged if you don’t ship it back before the end of the month), you can wear and use each garment without any fees of sending it back dirty or used.

Le Tote also just began offering a maternity box which I fully intend to take advantage of next time I’m pregnant. Okay, now it’s time for the pros and cons.

Pros –

  • $49 per month = as many totes as you can fit in a month
  • customizable totes – pick what YOU want in your box
  • Wear garments and accessories and send back dirty/used without extra fees
  • Garments/accessories somewhat reasonably priced
  • Maternity box option
  • quick turnaround for receiving totes

Cons –

  • $49 does not go towards whatever items you keep
  • Garments/accessories somewhat over priced (again, you get what you pay for…they have good brands and I would say the prices are worth it)

I truly can’t think of many more cons than that. When it comes to comparing both services, I honestly couldn’t decide between the two. I liked what I got from Stitch Fix but I also like the customizing aspect of Le Tote. In my eyes, Le Tote is the better deal because of how many garments and accessories you can get in a month. But, I do like that the styling fee from Stitch Fix goes toward any garment or accessory I decide to keep.

Guys, I can’t decide! Tell me your opinion and if you’ve tried either of these sites! I’m going to wait awhile before renewing my subscription to either simply because of the holidays.

Enjoy the rest of your week!




Curls Galore!

I am finding it hard to believe we’re already into November! Although, the weather outside is starting to match that awkward transition between fall and wintry weather.

Over the past two months I have been sampling and testing several different curl gels and creams. I have used Ouidad Tress Effects curl gel for the past year, but I am not all that fond of how crunchy my curls get. So I decided to branch out and take the risk of trying new products. Sure enough, my hair has been screaming at me and I have found curl products I can’t stand, products I thought were okay, and ones that are growing on me. I will talk about five different products, starting with the Ouidad curl gel.

Ouidad Tress Effects Styling Gel – 4.8

This gel is one of the only styling gels I’ve used that has a very nice texture. It coats the hair very well and when dried with a diffuser, the curls have a lot of structure and can have a lot of volume. The scent is a crisp clove scent and I actually like the scent for this gel. Creating second day curls and wetting my hair to restyle it is very easy with this hair gel. The only thing I don’t like about it is if I don’t dry my hair with a diffuser, my curls become stiff and crunchy and difficult to do anything with.

Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls – 4.5

I found this brand at Target a few years ago and decided to try the Jelly Soft Curls one. I liked it right away, but found it didn’t always hold very well. The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming. The gel, however, is quite sticky. I never felt like I could put enough in without weighing down my hair and still have good curls. I could recommend this styling gel as a quick fix but don’t expect this to hold well for second day curls.

Marc Anthony True Professional Strictly Curls Curl Envy Cream – 2.8

When wandering through Ulta, I came across a sample bottle of this curl cream for $2.48 and decided it was worth the pennies to at least try it. I believe I have tried creams like this in the past, and while I don’t remember liking them, I certainly do not like this product whatsoever. I couldn’t believe how it just didn’t work at all. This cream did smell like lemons but that was the only thing I liked about it. I don’t recommend this but if anyone has figured out how to make this work for their hair, let me know!

Curls Goddess Curl Gel – 3.5

I found this at Target on sale. This is an organic product, which is appealing to me. I like putting good things on my face, skin, and hair. The downside though of having an organic product is it is water based and does not coat the hair all that well. As I always put curl products on my hair when my hair is quite wet, this product just slipped right off. It didn’t create much of a hold, and certainly did nothing for my frizz. I don’t remember a smell with this product (I only used it once before returning it).

Curls Lavish Curls Moisturizer (2nd curl refresher) – 4.4

This is an almost gel like spray meant for second day hair. I’m not all that pleased with how it sprays on. I have to actually spray it on my hand then run my fingers through my curls to apply it. But, all that to say, this product really does do a good job for refreshing second day curls. I still dampen my hair before applying this spray though.

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Gel – 4.5

I ordered a sample bottle of this from Birchbox and the jury is still out. It is another water based gel. It has an almost overwhelming sweet scent to it, but I don’t notice any particular scent once it’s on my hair. I have discovered it is very very easy to OVER apply this gel. I have consistently put too much on and my hair has almost felt sludgy-sticky after it is dry. It is hard to tell how much I actually need because putting on the right amount feels like nothing. I’m going to keep playing with this gel so I’ll report back later when I have a more informed opinion!

Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls – 4.9

Out of all of the products I’ve been testing recently, this one is my favorite. Like the Marc Anthony cream, it has a lemony scent and oddly enough, it is also a cream. However, the difference between this and the Marc Anthony cream is that this stuff actually works. It is also a little difficult to judge how much I need, but I think I’m getting the amount now. It dries nicely and my hair does not get crunchy at all; and that’s dried with a diffuser or air dried. It is a light cream but my curls seem to hold well even to the end of second day hair.

So those are the curl styling products I’ve been testing recently. The number, obviously, are my ratings. The Quick Curls cream and Tress Effect gel are my current top favorites. But, styling products are only half of what it takes to take care of curly hair. I have tried several different curly hair or ultra moisturizing shampoos and conditioners recently and have settled back on my favorites for taking care of my curls.

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo – 4.9

This is one of the best shampoos I’ve ever used for my hair. It’s light, cleanses well, and I never feel like it leaves a residue behind. You definitely need a conditioner to go with it though. It is not terribly moisturizing so you need the conditioner to keep the moisture in.

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Shampoo/Conditioner – 2

I have never used a shampoo and conditioner that worked so poorly as these two. My hair felt nasty and I actually washed my hair again to get these products out of my hair after using this.

Marc Anthony True Professionals Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment – 5

This is what I got in one of my first Ipsy bags and I finally managed to find a full bottle of it. I will often use just this in my hair after a show and I’ll put my hair up in a bun to let it dry. The oil is light, smells absolutely heavenly, and is very moisturizing and makes my curls look amazing. I HIGHLY recommend it for curly hair, but also for any hair type!

Okay, so that wraps up this round of curly hair products! I hope these reviews help and tell me your thoughts! I’d love to hear what helps for your curly hair.


Product Reviews: Ipsy vs. Birchbox

wearing the eyeliner and mascara I got in my Birchboxes

Hey babes,

how’s your Sunday going? I apologize for no posts from me or from both of us this week! I came down with a cold and only now am feeling like I have a voice back. This next week will be back to a normal posting schedule!

I heard last week that Birchbox was having a deal where you signed up for the October box and got a few box with it. All for the price of $10. Which I didn’t know Birchbox was the same price as Ipsy! Since I’ve been disappointed with the past two bags I’ve gotten from Ipsy, I decided to give Birchbox a chance. Both of my boxes came yesterday and I must say I’m pretty much sold on switching to Birchbox. But, let me explain the differences between the two companies and what I like or don’t like.


I first heard about Ipsy from my cousin who started posting about her Glam Bags about a year ago I think. I didn’t think much of it until Riley and I started thinking about this blog. So in July I got my first Ipsy Glam Bag. I fell in love with it. The bag was an adorable summer print and it was a soft almost linen like fabric.


That Octavia sea salt spray is hands down one of the BEST sea salt sprays I have tried yet. I still need to get some more since I ran out (then tried to find other sprays to replace it – nothing compared!). I still use those tweezers (my favorite ones now) and the Bliss highlighter/eyeshadow. This was definitely a huge success of a bag. The only thing I didn’t like in this Glam Bag was the moisturizer. I never used it and when I tried it, it felt weird on my skin.

I figured since the first bag was so good, Ipsy must be pretty awesome. I got my second bag in August; I hated the bag itself but I absolutely loved all 5 of the products!


I am still squeezing the bottle of the Marc Anthony Argan Oil hair treatment to get every last drop. This was another success! Then I got September’s bag.


I only liked two of the products in this bag. And my bag came with slices in it. Like someone had cut open a box with all of the bags and caught the tops one with a box cutter. This is when I started looking around for other options. My bag for September also took an entire week longer than usual to get to me.


This is my October Glam Bag. I got it this week and haven’t really played around with the products yet. Being sick and getting new things kind of doesn’t mesh very well. The bag is okay, I’m not terribly fond of the matte lip color from The Balm Cosmetics. I like Mica Beauty Cosmetics, but haven’t tried out the bronze eyeshadow cream yet. And I have absolutely no clue what the Go Away Gloomy Day stuff is. I need to get on Ipsy’s site and see if I can find information about it.

Okay, so here’s a break down of how Ipsy works.


  • 5 products and a makeup bag for a flat fee of $10 each month
  • customizable bags – beauty profile can be changed whenever and you can pick what kinds of products you want or don’t want
  • earn points for reviewing your bag
  • points can be used to get individual products up for grabs that month
  • referring someone earns you 250-500 points (500 only when Ipsy is having a promotion)


  • the customizable part isn’t always reliable – neither Riley or I have had much success with changing the products we wanted or didn’t want
  • earning points only goes so far – it’s hard to rack up enough points to actually get a product
  • referral system only benefits the referrer – the person using the referral link doesn’t get anything
  • bags aren’t always the best material nor will last
  • samples will really only be as big as the bags allow
  • Ipsy doesn’t have an online store but provides discount codes to use at different product’s home pages – although half the time the codes do not work



I have heard whispers of Birchbox over the past few years, but again hadn’t paid attention. I knew it was bit like Ipsy but when I saw they were doing a deal with 2 boxes for the price of one, I decided to jump on it.


This is October’s Birchbox. While yes, it doesn’t come with a makeup bag, I was impressed when I opened the box. The packaging is quite classy and I didn’t feel any loss for not having a bag. Not feeling a loss probably had to do with the samples being almost full sized. Here’s the bonus box I got as well.


I have been wanting to try Harvey Prince Hello perfume and was so thrilled when I opened the box and saw I had gotten a sample!! It smells as good as I’ve heard it does. Again, I didn’t feel like I needed the bonus of a makeup bag. Both the eyeliner from the bonus box and the mascara from the October box are quickly becoming favorites.


  • 5 samples for a flat fee of $10 a month
  • almost full sized samples, greater variety
  • refer someone and both you and friend get $5 – friend gets $5 off first box and you get 50 points=$5 to spend in the store
  • Birchbox isn’t just for women – they have a man’s box too
  • Birchbox also isn’t just for makeup and beauty products – they offer snacks, fashion tips, and home items as extras for their boxes
  • review your box and get 10 points for each product. 10 points = $1
  • Get 100 points = $10 to use in the store (that’s referring two people or reviewing two boxes worth of points)
  • Birchbox has a store where they have monthly/weekly deals and a whole butt load of products that ship free each week
  • Often gives out 20% codes off order of $25+


  • no makeup bag
  • they messed up and sent me two of the same boxes which actually what I was supposed to be getting. I got a total of three boxes; two October boxes and my bonus box. I still liked the box a lot but I don’t know what this means for future boxes.

I really don’t have any more cons for Birchbox. I will probably find more later, but so far my consensus is Birchbox outweighs Ipsy. Even if only because of Birchbox’s referral system. It bothers me when I refer someone to Ipsy they don’t get anything, only I do. With Birchbox I’d love to refer everyone just so they get that first box half off. So I am about 99% sure I am switching to Birchbox instead of Ipsy. At the very least, I’ll switch to Birchbox for a few months then see how it still compares with Ipsy after that point.

Let me know if anyone has had the opposite experience or why they like Ipsy better than Birchbox! Also, I am currently trying out another company called Le Tote. It is a company a lot like Stitch Fix but has a different way of doing their boxes. I will let you all know once I finish my month of Le Tote about how the two companies compare with each other!

Enjoy the last day of your weekend!

Caleigh’s “I Take It Back” – Updated Product Reviews

When I received my August Glam Bag from Ipsy, it contained two products I wasn’t thrilled to get. One was a product from Juice Beauty, the other a small thing of nail polish from Aila. I don’t usually wear nail polish. Things like my hands looking like a Jackson Pollock painting and not liking bright colors on my nails, keep me from enjoying nail polish. However, I decided to give this nail polish a chance. Lo and behold, I found I could finally paint my nails all by myself and they looked good! And I actually loved the color! Double bonus! Besides, I got a kick out of the nail polish color being called “Mister Pookies.”

The second product I found I actually do like is a product from Juice Beauty called Cleansing Milk. I can only describe the scent as a spicy smell. It isn’t sweet, but smells “organic.”

Enjoy the video! and don’t forget to try something before you give up on it!

August Ipsy Glam Bag Review

IMG_6128Hey all!

I got my glam bag yesterday for August, and I want to share it all with you.

I signed up with Ipsy two months ago, and this is the second bag I’ve received. When I first heard of Ipsy a year or two ago, it didn’t really sound like something I would want to do. Since then, I have been playing around with makeup more, as well as wearing it a lot more. Needless to say, I love Ipsy now because of how many different products it exposes me to!

Products I got:

noyah lipstick in Desert Rose

Juice Beauty, Cleansing Milk

Marc Anthony, Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco – (couldn’t find a link for this product. this is the closest I could find. I think it is a brand new, so not available yet. )

Aila nail polish, Mister Pookies

Skone Cosmetics, Luxe Doubler Eye & Lip Liner in Wine

Here’s my referral link! Help me earn points so I can try out more products! Which then I will review those on here. See how that works?