Product Review – Devera Naturals

Hi Beauties!

Life’s been crazy as usual, but I wanted to share with you two products I was sent to review! They’re from Devera Naturals, and I’ll have to say I’m pretty pleased with them. You can read their story here, but I love that their products are based off of old family Swiss recipes! I don’t know about you, but that adds a little more intrigue and respect for a product when I know there’s a family backstory.

The two products I have been using are the Snow Flower Creme ($43.00) and the Miracle Eyes eye cream ($37.00). I haven’t noticed much of a scent from the Miracle Eyes, but I love the fresh botanical scent from the Snow Flower Creme. I’ve been using the Snow Flower Creme for just over a week now, and I feel like my face in general feels a lot less “inflamed.” Thanks to pregnancy hormones, my skin is in a constant flux and with help from the Snow Flower Creme (and an addition of lavender and eucalyptus oils on the side), my face isn’t as red and my forehead and around my nose especially feels tighter and smoother. I haven’t used the Miracle Eyes as much, just using it when my eyes feel like I’ve been awake for three days. However, when I have used the eye cream, it feels refreshing and brightens my eyes within minutes of applying it!

So how about some pros and cons?


  • I really enjoy the scent and the consistency of the Snow Flower Creme
  • I love that the ingredients are natural ingredients!
  • My face feels refreshed and brightened after using it
  • in regards to the Miracle Eyes cream, you only need a little bit, but I feel like my eyes are refreshed and don’t look as tired after applying it
  • I love that both containers for each creams are small but you don’t need much product so I can see them lasting for a good while!
  • I feel like the prices are worth the quality of these products!


  • I am assuming it is because the bottles were so cold when I got them, but I’ve had a little bit of trouble with the pump for the Snow Flower Creme (not really a con, but the creme is thicker so maybe it’s just harder to get out of the bottle?)
  • the Miracle Eyes cream sometimes stings a little bit especially if I just cleaned makeup off my face, but the stinging feeling goes away within a few seconds
  • The prices for these product may be more than someone would want to spend (see above though! I do think the cost is worth it!)

Other than those thoughts, I really don’t have much else to add! I really appreciate Devera Naturals sending me products to try and I’d highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a new (natural) face cream! I know I’m going to pumping every last drop from the Snow Flower Creme myself!


Product Review – Plexus Slim

Hey Beauties,

I had a friend approach me a few weeks ago asking if I’d be willing to sample one of her company’s products which I would then review on my blog. I said sure, so she dropped off a two week’s supply of Plexus Slim. Before trying it, I did a little bit of research and was intrigued by what I found. I do not know much about Plexus but I do like what I have seen.

Now, okay, Plexus Slim is advertised as an “All natural way to loose weight.” It has ingredients like Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia cambogia fruit extract as well as alpha lipoic acid. There are just 10 calories per serving, it is gluten free, and 100% vegetarian. I’ve tried some other types of powdered weight loss and heavy duty greens drinks before and I’ll have to say I was a little wary of trying the “pink drink.” However, the first morning I tried it I found the flavor to be very pleasant and it was quite easy to drink the entire almost 20 oz glass with no problems and no feeling nauseated. I was reminded by my friend, as well as the research I had done, to make sure to up my intake of water during the day. I felt a little lightheaded and really tired when I didn’t drink enough water. I’m not sure if that was from the drink or not, but I felt tons better as long as I kept up my water intake.



The sweetener in Plexus Slim is Stevia which was not a favorite of mine either, but I, yet again, found I didn’t mind the taste at all. It tasted sweet but I didn’t feel any ill effects from having sugar after drinking it. In fact, I felt like my body was evening itself out while using this drink mix. By the end of my two weeks, I noticed a big difference in not feeling hungry as much between meals. I didn’t change anything else with my daily routines except for adding in the drink. I have noticed this week that my hips seemed to have shrunk enough that my shorts are feeling annoyingly loose around my waist and hips. I am not sure if that’s from the drink, or the fact that I’ve been using a stationary bike 2-3 times a week, or a combination of both of those!

Overall, I’d say I was pleased with the drink. I didn’t notice any huge or significant increases in my energy levels (I have EHT to thank for helping me sleep better and giving me a lot of energy already), but I did feel like it helped my body find a good rhythm and I liked the taste.

Here’s Angie Webb’s Facebook page and her personal Plexus website! Check them out, she’s awesome, and I would definitely recommend looking into Plexus Slim!

Would anyone else like for me to review your products? Just send me a message at lashes.rouge at!

My Makeup Brush Set – Product Review

Happy Tuesday!

It’s a rather hot and overcast day today, but I had a moment to do a makeup brush review of a set of brushes I had received last week. My Makeup Brush had a deal a month ago that I took advantage of and I am getting these brushes for free! I have never used oval brushes before, so this was a new experience all around. Turns out, these brushes pick up amazing amounts of powder and made all of my eye shadow a lot more pigmented than I have ever seen it. The brushes themselves feel like velvet and I think these will become my new favorite brushes.


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Okay, so tomorrow I PROMISE I will do a post about a wand curling iron. I haven’t been using any heat except for my blow dryer WITH diffuser and a few random touches of my straightener. But I will pull out my curling wand and demonstrate how to use one such tool. I did my sister’s hair for a wedding recently with a curling wand and I was once again reminded of how easy and fast using one is!

Without further adieu, here’s my video review of these brushes.

Product Review – Eyebrow Mascara & Lip Crayons

Happy Friday!

While I am happy it is the end of the week, I am not pleased with how slushy the falling snow is outside! Way to go, Colorado, our poor trees are so confused!

In other news, Target is currently having a 20% sale on all of their makeup (through the CARTWHEEL app!!!) through tomorrow! So go download the app and bombard Target. Because of this sale I was able to pick up some new products and will be reviewing those in the coming days and weeks. The first product is a lip crayon from L.A. Colors in the shade Coral. I have been looking for this product online, but I seriously cannot find it anywhere! I believe it’s a somewhat new product and I believe Target is the only place you can find L.A. Colors products. I will say that for a $1.99 lip crayon, this does the job and it is worth the price. It is not as thick as I’d like it, but then I’ve never used lip crayons before so I have nothing to compare it to.

The other product I’ve recently acquired is Essence Make Me Brow gel mascara which is $2.99 at Ulta (online and I believe in the store) and btw, do not look for this stuff on Amazon! It is $15 on there for some strange reason. I am surprised I like this stuff as much as I do. It goes on very easily and I would recommend using a spoolie brush to “set” your eyebrows before applying this gel.

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. I still have one more tote to giveaway from Le Tote! Everything and Nothing – message me to claim your tote, or it will go to the next person who comments!

Product Review – Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation

Happy Monday!

How’s your week going so far? Mine’s a little wonky since my car is in the shop but I don’t mind being stuck at home since the weather is finally so beautiful outside!

I recently snatched Stila’s foundation during a recent Hautelook deal (seriously, keep an eye out at Hautelook, they have a lot of amazing deals!) and I couldn’t wait to try it. I consistently go back to my favorite e.l.f foundation but am becoming more willing to try different foundations. Especially since using a primer helps protect my skin and helps new products go on much more smoothly. I was also quite intrigued by the look of this foundation. I’ve never used a product that is swirled together like this foundation, but like I said, I was eager to try it. And guess what! It didn’t disappoint. I love how light it feels on my skin and it actually is a good shade for me. I got the lightest shade Stila offers which is Light or Fair. This foundation is also currently available at Stila for $15 instead of $44 so I’d highly recommend grabbing some!! It is definitely easily buildable but one coat provides a decent amount of coverage for me.

Okay, so here’s the video and I’ll be back later this week with more reviews and some hairstyles I’ve been experimenting with!


Mascara Review & Compare


Hi Babes,

As I explained in the video, this year had kind of started rough for me at least and Riley’s been really busy! We’ve both had sick (multiple times) kids and I just had surgery two weeks ago. The weeks leading up to the surgery were really rough physically for me, but now I’m feeling a ton better!

Anyway, in our last review, Riley and I talked about a mascara we really liked from Stila Cosmetics called HUGE extreme lash. We both this mascara from our birchbox, and Riley actually got a full sized tube of it for Christmas! I liked it so much, I went to Ulta and tried to get one for myself, but they were all out. That was when I noticed that Too Faced Cosmetics has a very similar mascara and I decided to get that one instead. I have fallen in love with Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and here’s why.

have a great weekend!!