The Ordinary Colours – Serum Foundation

Hi Babes!

I was originally planning on doing a video today, but with a 3 year old loudly telling himself stories and reading books out loud in his room and an almost 6 month old clamoring for my attention, I decided against that. I used my spending money for the month on a haul of new products from Ulta yesterday so I am going to briefly talk about those as well as a new favorite foundation.

I heard about Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company a few months ago. It was in reference to their new line of foundations coming out. I checked out the website and was so excited to see that the foundation was only $6.70!! A (anticipated) high end foundation for dollar store prices?? And with so many unique shades available? I ordered what I felt like would be my shade and then eagerly awaited the arrival of my Serum Foundation.

Due to the huge demand for their product, Deceim took a month before getting the serum foundation to me. I honestly didn’t mind the wait. If this foundation was going to be as good as the claims said it was, I was willing to wait! I finally got my 1.1P Fair with Pink Undertones foundation in the mail and carefully inspected the bottle and read the “directions.” I noticed the foundation seemed separated, but I also saw it was highly recommended to shake well before use. I’ve tried the foundation several times in the past two months, but haven’t tried it with primer on first. Today is the first time I’ve done my makeup full face in months. I am so impressed with this foundation! It is very liquid-y and that was concerning to me at first, but it goes on almost velvety and dries matte and almost like a powder. Even though the foundation is very fluid, it has a very good medium coverage and since I don’t need much, I see this one little bottle lasting me for a long time! I have seen reports of the foundation oxidizing, but I think that was in reference to the Coverage Foundation. I haven’t noticed oxidizing in my Serum Foundation though!

Alright, so do I recommend this foundation? Uhm yes, this stuff is amazing, and for that price? Go for it!

Moving on to my Ulta haul!

I have been eyeing Makeup Revolutions Luxury Baking Powder in Banana for a long time. I finally decided to get it tomorrow. I’ll have to say I’m pleased with how it feels. It’s a nice finish instead of using finishing powder to complete a look. I also picked up a new eyeshadow palette. This one is called Unicorns Are Real and as I don’t have any palettes with those colors, I figured why not? So far, I really like the shades! Especially the purples and reddish pink. I’m looking forward to playing with this palette.

The last product I got was a Bright Lights Illumination Blush Stick from NYX. My current blushes are getting old and I need to throw them out so this is a perfect alternative to having a blush palette! I don’t like having a lot of different options for blushes, so having one product to quickly swipe on and go is my preference.

I’m hoping to get a project done in the next few months that will help with getting my YouTube channel up and running again. In the meantime, let me know if you try The Ordinary Serum or Coverage foundations? I’d love to hear what you think!

Beauties on Fire – Book/Movie Inspired Makeup – The Great Gatsby


Hi Beauties!

As I opened my wordpress dashboard this evening, I was greeted by a little announcement. Today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog, Lashes & Rouge! So happy anniversary to me!! I can’t believe it’s been a year, and I’m excited to see where this next year is going to lead!!

Okay, so even though it’s late here on Thursday, I wanted to get my Beauties on Fire post up! I missed last week due to morning sickness, but this week was the Book and/or Movie theme and I was excited to try out a Roaring 20s look inspired by The Great Gatsby. So here it goes!

I realized a few weeks ago that all of my liquid eyeliner pens have all dried up, and my makeup budget has been running low due to needing to replace essentials. I knew I wanted to do a cat eye, especially since the majority of the pictures I used for reference included that specific look. So I turned to my liquid liner and combined that with my cream eyeliner to create my cat eyes.


A year ago, I picked up a set of three Naked palette dupes. They look just like the real palettes, except they do lack the creamy consistency of Urban Decay’s real palettes. I use the Naked 3 palette all the time but for this look I used my Naked 2 palette.


I picked this palette because of the silvers and metallic colors it has. I just realized that I used e.l.f. products for the majority of this look!


Face: As always, I try to start with a clean face and ALWAYS start with a primer. Again my favorite primer is Maybelline Baby Skin. I typically use a pea sized amount of the primer and spread it over my face with my beauty sponge. I prefer to use the Ulta brand sponges. After this has been applied, I then put my Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion on my eyelids. This primer is A M A Z I N G for keeping eye shadow in place.

Once my primers are on, depending on the mood I’m in, I’ll do my eyebrows next or start applying my foundation. My current process for foundation is to mix my two favorites. It’s always Revlon Photoready Skinlights Illuminator mixed with one of three different foundations, BB creams, or CC creams I keep in my makeup bag. Today’s look included the illuminator mixed with e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain. I used barely a pea sized amount of both products because I honestly prefer a lighter coverage. Even though my face has been reacting to pregnancy hormones a LOT more than my first pregnancy, I didn’t feel like I needed to hide completely the red splotches around my jawline.  I start with patting my foundation on with my sponge first before blending. Then, before I start blending I let the foundation sit for about 30 seconds. This helps the foundation start to warm up to your skin and it blends ten times better than blending it in right away.

Eyes: I used YDK as a base for my eye shadow, and built up Snakebite in the crease and outer corners. I used Bootycall as the highlight on my brow bone, inner eye, and along half the bottom lash line. Then I used Blackout to create more of a cut into the crease and along the last half of the bottom last line. Then for the tricky part. Drawing on the cat eyeliner.  I have used this technique every time I do a cat eye and the surprising thing is that it actually works!

I highly recommend watching her video and trying it yourself. As I told a friend recently, my two tips for drawing a perfect cat eye is clenching your toes and play dot to dot.

Okay, so the rest of my makeup was pretty straight forward, but I did want to give a shout out to one of my new must have products. I literally found this by accident at Target a month ago and it has proved useful again and again.

NYX Be Gone! Lip Color Remover – you know how frustrating it is to get bold lip colors off your lips without feeling like you’ve suddenly turned into a zombie? This stuff works so well I never feel like that anymore. All you do is apply a little bit to your lips, smack your lips and then wipe off your lip colors with a kleenex, piece of toilet paper, or whatever you use. And your lipstick comes right off! It’s so helpful for trying lipsticks too.

Well, I’m fading, and need to head to bed, but I wanted to get this post out tonight! I have a follow up I need to do with a fellow blogger who nominated me for a reward and then put up my last Curly Girl Hair Routine post! Both of those will probably happen next week, but we’ll see how my energy is tomorrow and over the weekend.

Night y’all!

and p.s. go check out the link above to see all of the other blogs linking up for this week’s Beauties on Fire post!

Product Review – Mascara, mood lipgloss, and Julep products

Hi Babes,

How’s your week going for ya? We’re finally back to warmer weather here and needless to say, we’re all quite happy to have the windows open again and to not be huddled under blankets.

I picked up a few new products recently, one being a mascara from Rimmel London. I chose this mascara because of how similar the brush is to Too Faced Better Than Sex. I’ll do a specific compare post comparing those two later. Another product I got recently is from L.A. Colors and is a mood lipgloss. Come to find out, it is probably very similar to NYX’s mood lipgloss. I will have to get one of those and compare it to the one from L.A. Colors at another time.

The other two product I reviewed are from Julep. Now I’m not terribly impressed with Julep’s option for Maven boxes, nor do I like their eye shadow. However, I had a free box to try and I decided to get a tube of lipstick and some eyebrow cream powder. The lipstick is called Girl Code and the eyebrow cream powder shade is in Rich Brown. I do like them both, but I am finding that the lipstick is very drying. I shall have to see if I can find a remedy for that.




I also picked up this travel pouch from Amazon as well as Curl Talk Ouidad from Amazon as well.

travel pouch