Welcoming 2017 & Goals

Hi Beauties!

Welcome to 2017! It feels weird that it’s January. 2016 was a rough year for me, but it also felt like the year flew by! Lashes & Rouge has been around for almost a year and a half now, and I’m trying to decide where I want to take the blog in the coming year. I know I have to step back because of baby #2 coming at the end of next month, but how much I’ll be stepping back is still up in the air. I haven’t stopped wearing makeup, haha, I don’t think I could now, but my focus can’t be so narrowed in on this blog.

So, what are some of the things I do want to do?

  • I want to post at least twice a month, and I have a lot of ideas, it’s merely going to be a matter of finding time and energy to put posts up.
  • I’m going to split posts up between three categories (at least for now); Fashion, Makeup/Hair, and Reviews.

I’m still trying to find my niche with being a beauty blogger, and because of that, I’m hesitant to really stick with only one or two things! I recently picked up this planner and I want to try planning out my blogging schedule instead of just doing it whenever I have a few minutes. I’ll also be using this planner to keep track of baby #2’s drs appointments and surgeries and such too because yeah, lots of information going to be coming my way soon!

I left the company I was with last September and since then have been experimenting a lot with skin care and face care. So hopefully I can get my reviews of my new favorites with skin care routines up soon! Being halfway through the third trimester means I’m struggling to keep up with day to day things, never mind about blogging with any consistency!

I hope the first week of this new year has been good for you already, and thank you for following along as I shift and adjust this blog!

Beauties On Fire – Back to School Theme

Go visit Elisabeth's blog for all of our linkup posts! http://www.everythingandnothin.com/2016/09/15/back-to-school/
Go visit Elisabeth’s blog for all of our linkup posts! http://www.everythingandnothin.com/2016/09/15/back-to-school/

Hi Beauties,

Technically the #beautiesonfire days are Thursday, but yesterday I got really sick. So here’s my post for this week. The theme chosen was Back To School and one of the things that immediately came to mind was having to get out the door quickly because you were late or missed your alarm clock. I’m not in school, and have no plans to go back to college anytime soon! But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to be quick and efficient when I’m getting ready in the morning.

So, here’s some tips for how to get a makeup/fashion routine down to, oh let’s say, 10 minutes.

  • Fashion. Several years ago, I started a habit of mentally (and sometimes physically) planning out my outfit for the next day. So all I had to do was get up in the morning and throw the clothes on and I was ready to go. Something that I found exceedingly helpful was creating a wardrobe that makes me feel comfortable in pretty much everything I own and I have a lot of items that mix and match. I played with the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe, but I didn’t care for the neutral colors which most of those wardrobes seem to be based off of. My advice? Create your own wardrobe that you love, feel comfortable in, and that does not have a huge amount of clothes.
  • Makeup. I’ve talked about this a lot over various past posts. Skincare is extremely important when it comes to makeup. Skincare is honestly not the first things that comes to mind when thinking about makeup, but unless your base, your face/skin is being taken care of, your makeup will only exacerbate any skin problems you may have. So for Minimal Makeup, taking care of your skin is the vital first step. Okay, so that being said, there are the items I keep in my makeup bag as my go-to, quick makeup routine products. Primer – BB cream – Eyebrow pencil – Eyeliner – Mascara – Finishing Powder – Bronzer I always apply the primer first, mix my bb cream with a little illuminator if I feel like it, then do my eyebrows. Once those three things are done, it’s maybe taken me 3 minutes to do this. I move on to eyeliner, bronzer, then finishing powder. My mascara is always last so I don’t get powder on my eyelashes. All in all, this makeup routine takes me 10 minutes or less. Usually less, but that all depends on how many interruptions I have from my toddler.

Those are my tips for getting ready quickly in the morning! What are some of the things you do to get out the door quickly? What are your favorite fashion tips or makeup tips?

Reviews: Le Tote vs. Stitch Fix

Over the month of October, I tried a new(ish) subscription service called Le Tote. I had seen a friend post about getting a tote box and was instantly curious. I have tried Stitch Fix before but this seemed a little different. Now that my first month is over, I am ready to give my comparisons and recommendations with these two fashion subscription services.

However, before I jump into the pros and cons of each company, I want to explain a little about what each company does. I am calling these companies “Fashion Subscription Services” because you sign up and monthly receive a box (or boxes) of fashionable clothes and accessories. They are similar to Ipsy and Birchbox only in the way that they are monthly subscriptions.

Stitch Fix

I have gotten fixes from Stitch Fix several times over the past five years. I have had very mixed feelings about it until this year when I decided to try Stitch Fix again. Here is an example of what Stitch Fix sends in their box each month. (I have gotten more than two fixes, but I could only find two inserts from the boxes)


You get five items, all personally picked by a stylist at Stitch Fix. There are usually 4-5 pieces of clothing and 1-2 accessories (necklaces, earrings, scarves, and it looks like they have now added shoes to their fixes – which is new). As with Ipsy, Birchbox, and any other subscription service, you fill out a questionnaire and the stylists go off of that.

Out of all of these pieces of clothing, I only ever kept the Kinzie Embroidery Detail Top. I wore that top all summer and it is still one of my favorite tops. I almost kept a pair of skinny jeans, but they just didn’t fit quite right. I liked about 75% of the clothes and accessories I got from Stitch Fix.

Okay, here’s a list of pros and cons.

Pros –

  • $20 styling fee a month
  • $20  styling fee goes towards any item(s) you want to keep from your stitch fix. If you keep the whole box, then you get a certain percentage off.
  • Stylists pay attention to your style profile
  • accessories/clothes somewhat decently priced
  • comes with a pre-stamped bag to simply drop off at the post office
  • Now has maternity options

Cons –

  • Stylists don’t always get your style
  • only five items ONCE a month
  • accessories/clothes expensive depending on what you get
  • Have to return stitch fix in one week or you get charged for the whole box

Personally, I enjoyed my boxes from Stitch Fix. I felt like the stylists who did my boxes did a good job. I didn’t like the prices of some things, but you also get what you pay for. So in that case, the prices on the jeans and higher end and good quality clothes I would say were worth the price.

Le Tote

Okay, so with Stitch Fix, I have probably gotten 6 fixes over the past five years. Three the first time I signed up a few years ago, and then three this past spring/summer. This was the first thing I noticed about Le Tote, you can get as many totes as you want in a month for one flat fee at the beginning of the month. So I got 4 totes in less than a month.

I adore the purple tote I got in the first box. I may go back later and purchase that I liked it that much. I just didn’t need it! Need versus want, ya know? These are in order of 1 box to last box from left to right. In the second box, I actually kept the teal dress. It is the only button up, A-line, long sleeved dress I’ve ever found that has actually fit with absolutely no gaping at the buttons. And that purple stoned ring? OH my gosh, it’s so gorgeous! I didn’t like the last two totes as much, but I was also mainly just trying to get to the end of the month so I could get as many boxes before I was charged for November.

Here’s a little info on how Le Tote works. They have a store to begin with. Meaning; you can buy the things you’ve gotten in your boxes if you decide after shipping it back you wanted it. You get to pick and choose what you want in your “closet.” You also fill out a survey with your weight, age, and sizes of garments you typically wear. This is to help the stylists pick the best sizes for you. Then, when it comes to the boxes themselves this is where things get really good. You get an email two days before your box ships letting you know you can customize your box! I mean, c’mon! Who does that! There are typically 5 garments in each box unless Le Tote gives you a special gift and you get 6 like I did for 3 out of my 4 boxes. So you get to go into your account and customize the box before it ships. To swap out a garment or accessory, you can choose from 15-20 different pieces. (Less if it’s an accessory) Le Tote is always adding more garments and such so the more you add to your closet the more the stylists know what to choose for you. Not only do you get to pick and choose what you get, you can also keep your box for as long as you want (i.e. the whole month then you get charged if you don’t ship it back before the end of the month), you can wear and use each garment without any fees of sending it back dirty or used.

Le Tote also just began offering a maternity box which I fully intend to take advantage of next time I’m pregnant. Okay, now it’s time for the pros and cons.

Pros –

  • $49 per month = as many totes as you can fit in a month
  • customizable totes – pick what YOU want in your box
  • Wear garments and accessories and send back dirty/used without extra fees
  • Garments/accessories somewhat reasonably priced
  • Maternity box option
  • quick turnaround for receiving totes

Cons –

  • $49 does not go towards whatever items you keep
  • Garments/accessories somewhat over priced (again, you get what you pay for…they have good brands and I would say the prices are worth it)

I truly can’t think of many more cons than that. When it comes to comparing both services, I honestly couldn’t decide between the two. I liked what I got from Stitch Fix but I also like the customizing aspect of Le Tote. In my eyes, Le Tote is the better deal because of how many garments and accessories you can get in a month. But, I do like that the styling fee from Stitch Fix goes toward any garment or accessory I decide to keep.

Guys, I can’t decide! Tell me your opinion and if you’ve tried either of these sites! I’m going to wait awhile before renewing my subscription to either simply because of the holidays.

Enjoy the rest of your week!




Why Lashes & Rouge

It is officially fall here in Colorado! The mountains have gotten their first coats of snow and after several days of rain, the clouds have cleared and we can see the sky again.

Today we wanted to do something a little different and explain in a video why we’re doing Lashes & Rouge and what we’ve learned so far. And here is a link to Caleigh’s hairstyle.


Fall Fashion For The Curvy Girl pt. 2

Hi babes! So today is my part of our fall fashion post. 

To start, I have a body type known as average (height) plus rectangle. I’m 5’7″ and my shoulder circumference is the same as my hip circumference and my waist is only 7″ smaller than those measurements. So I basically have a nonexistent waist. It’s easy for me to buy clothes that make my torso look like a box, so I have to be very conscientious of the types of clothes I buy and to make sure they give me some shape.

Here is one outfit that helps with that. The wrap without a belt gives me no shape and makes me look extra top heavy. So I added a belt to define my waist and then the wrap looks more feminine and still hides the features I don’t want to be seen. The wedge boots also give me some more highly to elongate my body and that give the illusion of a slimmer figure. 

  Now this outfit is one that I really like. The black sweater jacket is good at giving lines that make by body look smaller and the shirt isn’t form fitting so that helps to conceal my stomach. And these boots are my absolute favorite. And the boot cuffs I made myself! 

So this is my quick version of how I dress for my body type. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to write them below. Also check out our Pick the Topics page and vote on what you want to  us write about. I hope you all have a great weekend! Bye x x

Fall Fashion for the Curvy Girl

We’re changing things up this week by doing a post without a video. It’s easier for us to show you pictures of our outfits than try to angle the camera to show them in a video!

For both of us, fall is one of our favorite times of the year, and if you couldn’t tell, fall fashion, makeup, and accessories are the topics for right now! So today, we’re going to show you some of our favorite fall outfits, and talk about our different body shapes and how we style our bodies to emphasize the best parts.

Caleigh –

I have an hourglass body shape, which means I have one of the “easiest” body shapes to style. Or so I’ve read. There is nothing easy about finding styles, shapes, and accessories that elevate my body shape and don’t drag me down. Because I am short (5’1″ – yes, really, I am short), my challenge is finding garments that elongate my body and make me look taller.

So here are few outfits with which I think I’ve successfully done that.

Outfit #1


One of the thing I need to make sure I do when styling myself is emphasize my waist line. I have a defined waist; the amount of definition depends on the time of the month and whether or not I’d like to lose weight! This shirt is a good example of lines to emphasis your waistline. The folds and lines created by the pleats draws the eyes in and further defines my waist. The shallow V created by the neckline also helps bring the eyes down and in. It truly is all about the lines. Now, everything I’ve read has said that technically my body shape (more specifically because I’m short) means I SHOULDN’T wear skinny jeans. Here’s my “I don’t care” because I enjoy wearing them, and by adding the heeled boots, I still have length in my legs. One last thing about this outfit; Because my hips and shoulders are almost the same width, I have to be careful about not adding more width to my shoulders and arms. By wearing shirts with 3/4 sleeves or elbow length sleeves, I am minimizing the width of my arms. Besides, I don’t like having sleeves touching my wrists!

Outfit #2


This outfit is a little more tricky with it comes to defining lines and such. As I’ve said in previous posts, I adore stripes. How this dress works for me is big black section in the middle of very flattering for drawing my waist in. Because of my skin tone and the colors that look good on me, I can wear black very well. The second thing that helps with this dress is the stripes that get bigger as they descend. This creates an elongated look and helps add height. Also the dress ends right above my knees which also helps create a longer look. The 3/4 sleeves ending right at my elbows makes my arms look slimmer and continues the overall slimming look of this sweater dress. The boots aren’t quite adding or taking away anything. I feel like they’re a good height on my leg, but I mostly wear them as they’re one of the few boots I’ve ever found that I can easily zip up over my big calves. Another thing to note is just because a shoe has a heel doesn’t mean it will make you look taller.

(Part 2 will come tomorrow with Riley’s outfits!)

Fall Makeup Trends 2015

Hi babes! I hope you all are having a great Monday. Today I’m going to share some of this year’s Fall makeup trends. At the end of the post I will give you links to all of the makeup that you can get for Fall.


Matte lipstick is all the rage right now for Fall. So put away the shiny lipstick from Summer and bring out the matte!

Berry lipstick is IN right now. You could go with a dark plum color or a light purple-red to even a pinkish purple.

In the red spectrum dark wine color lipstick is definitely a must. You can also go with the traditional bright red lip or a darker read lipstick.

For nude/neutral lip color you can wear either a brown based pink or a brown with pink undertones. This is for those of you who aren’t as comfortable wearing bold lipstick.


Metallic eyeshadow is really big right now. Normally I would wear matte eyeshadow for Fall but now I’m keeping out my metallic shades. Copper/Rust colored eyeshadow is very popular as well as earth tones. Oh and maroon/burgundy eyeshadow is amazing with these colors!

For eyeliner, lining your top and bottom water line is back in! But I suggest to add either liner or eyeshadow to your lower lid to keep the water line from looking so stark.

Another thing that’s really popular right now is doing bold brows with a bold lip. In previous years if you wanted to do a bold lip you would mellow out your eyes. But now you can go all out glam and know it’s in style!

**Now as a disclaimer, I know that makeup is art and as artists everyone does their makeup in their own personal style. These are just a list of makeup trends this Fall and my opinions on how to use them.**

Here are a few links to some different lipsticks and eyeshadows that are great for this Fall:

Touch of Spice Lipstick by Maybelline New York

Eden by NYX Matte Lipstick

Siren by NYX Matte Lipstick

Euro Trash by NYX Matte Lipstick

Showgirl by NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow

Gold Lush by NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow

After Party by NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow 

Heat by NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow

Je Ne Sais Quoi by NYX Love In Paris Eyeshadow Palette

Obviously I LOVE NYX Cosmetictics. It’s because their products are highly pigmented and go on very well and are better than high end products, in my opinion.

I hope this helped you all to find some great makeup for this Fall! Love you all my beauties! Have a great rest of your week x x

Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Happy Wednesday!

It’s hard to believe October 1st is tomorrow! October is my favorite month of the year and I am so excited for fall weather to finally come. I have a feeling it’s going to be quite different from back east where I used to live.

So today, Riley and I explored a new thrift store just up the street from me and I finally feel like my fall/winter capsule wardrobe is just about finished. I’m going to explain in pictures what I came up with. Also, I want to share my tips for thrift store shopping. As I laid out all of my fall clothing, I realized about 75% of it has come from thrift stores. The other 25% are pieces I have been purposefully collecting over the past three years. One thing that’s important to note is a capsule wardrobe doesn’t include my workout/lounge clothes, or other things I wear daily despite the season.

Okay, let’s get started. This first picture is my entire wardrobe minus two plain long sleeve shirts and a pair of leggings that are still on my list to get. This picture does not include my shoes which is 9 parts of my 33 piece capsule wardrobe.


In my video the other day about my fashion tips, I talked about wearing what you enjoy, feel comfortable in, and also push your comfort zones. I found my capsule wardrobe does just that. I have many pieces now I never would have even picked up from the rack three years ago. Like that black and white striped sweater. It’s bold, and has a bright blue color block at the top. My skin tone has cool undertones so I’m slowly working in bold crisp colors.


This picture of (from left to right) my jackets/open sweaters, pullover sweaters, and t-shirts. Now in comparison, my capsule wardrobe is a lot more colorful than the other examples I’ve seen on Pinterest. Almost every other capsule wardrobe I’ve seen has had very neutral colors, grays, blacks, whites, dark blues. This is what I mean when I say I wear the things that make me happy and comfortable and that are fashionable. I haven’t counted yet to see how many different outfits I can wear with this selection, but I know it’s a lot. Every single piece of clothing I have I can mix with at least five other pieces to create individual outfits. So in essence, my wardrobe is very versatile, even if it isn’t mostly neutral colors.


(from left to right) I have my skirts, colored pants, and jeans in this picture. I really don’t wear dresses or skirts all that often anymore, but that black and white striped skirt is a pencil skirt with pockets and goes with the majority of my sweaters and tops. I found a pair of black skinny jeans at a thrift store for $3 and found they actually fit when I got home and tried them on! I also spent last winter collecting various pairs of skinny blue jeans because I had lost weight and my favorite brand no longer fit the right way. Because of that, I currently have three pairs of skinny blue jeans! Then I have one pair of boot cut jeans. I do have a rusty brown pair of straight jean pants that I’m still deciding whether I like them or not.


(from left to right) here are my dresses and puffy vests. I have seen an increasing number of sweater dresses starting to pop up in this year’s fall fashion trends. I actually found the striped (yes, I know, I LOVE stripes!) dress at a thrift store for $2 and had to grab it! Under it is a sweater tunic and a t-shirt button down dress. All three I plan on wearing with tights or leggings and pairing with tall boots or one of my pairs of ankle boots. I currently have two puffy vests. I collected them from a thrift store and a friend’s used clothing shop. The olive green one is very puffy and fits well, but I also like the maroon one too. That one is a lot thinner. I don’t know yet which I’ll choose, but they’re there for now!


Okay, before anyone freaks out that this is a lot of shoes, these are all shoes I’ve spent the past four years collecting. In short, these are pretty much all of my shoes minus a pair of sandles, running shoes, and flip flops! The heeled ankle boots are really great for pairing with skinny jeans as well as my boot cut jeans. The black tall boots were actually an emergency purchase at my brother in law’s wedding two years ago! I packed TOO lightly and ended up forgetting to bring warmer shoes. This will be the first winter I’ve worn the brown tall boots and I found those for a steal at Target (think $15) last season.

So that’s my capsule wardrobe for now. I’m playing with the idea of doing weekly outfits but we’ll see.

Before I end this post, I wanted to share quickly my tips for staying in fashion within budget and the places I shop. Like I said before, roughly 75% of my clothes come from thrift stores. I have been shopping in thrift stores for most of my life. The only thing different now is I specifically look for the well made and high end pieces that are hidden between the junk. Yes, it takes time to sift through clothes, but I have found some of my favorite and most versatile pieces at thrift stores. My advice for shopping in thrift stores is threefold:

  1. Find out when your local thrift stores have their weekly sales. Most thrift stores have deals on the weekends and middle of the week. It takes time to figure out which thrift store is best and which one has the best deals. So don’t be discouraged if you can’t find anything the first, second, or even third time you go.
  2. Go with a budget and specific idea of the pieces you are looking for. Don’t settle for the well worn shirt unless you really really like it. Use Pinterest as a base for your capsule wardrobe and the pieces you want to get. I collect as many fashion styles and specific pins so I have many examples of exactly what I like.
  3. Learn to recognize the shades and textiles of the better pieces. Nowadays I just walk down an aisle and scan, I don’t actually go shirt by shirt or pant by pant anymore. This saves me tons of time and I can get through a rack of clothes twice as fast. A sub point of this would be take your time to figure out what styles look the best on you. I find it helps to have a friend with you when you are trying to figure this out.

My last piece of advice is a brilliant online store called Thred Up. It is an online consignment/thrift shop. A few of my favorites have come from this online thrift store, but that’s not why I mention it. They have an option called Clean Out bags. I have submitted 5 of them so far. This is why I also look for good quality pieces at a thrift store now. Thred Up accepts a lot of brands so if something doesn’t fit me, I can send it in and get a little bit of cash from it.

That’s it for now. I hope this helps and you enjoy reading about my process!

Caleigh’s Fashion Advice

Hi all,

Happy Monday! Today, I took the video a little deeper than we usually do. I shared a little bit about my story with fashion and I hope it encouraging to someone!

Enjoy the video and here is the link to the lipstick I was wearing in it – L.A. Colors Lipstick, Passion Flower

p.s. – one of the only “find your style” blogs, worksheets, or how to’s I found to be the most well rounded with advice is Dressing Your Truth. It is still not a perfect system, but I found it was one of the most helpful with trying to figure out your own personal style.