Welcoming 2017 & Goals

Hi Beauties!

Welcome to 2017! It feels weird that it’s January. 2016 was a rough year for me, but it also felt like the year flew by! Lashes & Rouge has been around for almost a year and a half now, and I’m trying to decide where I want to take the blog in the coming year. I know I have to step back because of baby #2 coming at the end of next month, but how much I’ll be stepping back is still up in the air. I haven’t stopped wearing makeup, haha, I don’t think I could now, but my focus can’t be so narrowed in on this blog.

So, what are some of the things I do want to do?

  • I want to post at least twice a month, and I have a lot of ideas, it’s merely going to be a matter of finding time and energy to put posts up.
  • I’m going to split posts up between three categories (at least for now); Fashion, Makeup/Hair, and Reviews.

I’m still trying to find my niche with being a beauty blogger, and because of that, I’m hesitant to really stick with only one or two things! I recently picked up this planner and I want to try planning out my blogging schedule instead of just doing it whenever I have a few minutes. I’ll also be using this planner to keep track of baby #2’s drs appointments and surgeries and such too because yeah, lots of information going to be coming my way soon!

I left the company I was with last September and since then have been experimenting a lot with skin care and face care. So hopefully I can get my reviews of my new favorites with skin care routines up soon! Being halfway through the third trimester means I’m struggling to keep up with day to day things, never mind about blogging with any consistency!

I hope the first week of this new year has been good for you already, and thank you for following along as I shift and adjust this blog!

Fall/Winter Fashion – Maternity Edition

Hi Beauties,

Okay, I apologize for being so MIA recently. The last half of September was B R U T A L and I finally feel like I can breathe again. Combination of what I now know to be high altitude influenced pregnancy complications and then getting a nasty, nasty stomach bug a week later. Good gawd almighty, I do not recommend getting the stomach flu when pregnant. However, now that I am feeling more like myself, have caught up mostly on sleep, I am getting back into the swing of keeping up with life.

As our Colorado weather starts to get cooler (we’ve had two frost warnings already!), I am turning to my fall wardrobe and this year, it makes me especially excited because most of the maternity clothes I have gathered are more suited for fall/winter. I know a surprisingly large number of friends who are currently pregnant right now, both ahead and behind me, and I feel like maternity fashion is quite applicable. I am just shy of the grand HALFWAY mark with this pregnancy and I am so happy to be almost there! First off, let me walk through my list of what I consider maternity essentials (speaking specifically as a second time mom and how I have done things differently fashion-wise this time around). Please keep in mind that were this a summer maternity fashion post, my recommended essentials would be quite different!

**Note: With this being my second (and last) pregnancy, I have found I do have definite preferences regarding maternity clothes this time around. I prefer low rise maternity pants to full panel, or even low banded pant tops. I very much prefer more fitted tops/dresses this time around instead of loose and flowy. I know women who preferred the full panel pants, but for me, as I’m short-waisted already, always felt claustrophobic in those types of pants! So all of my recommendations are going to go off these preferences, but I will include alternatives for those who like the full belly, low band maternity pants!**

~ [Fall/Winter] Maternity Essentials ~

  • Tees/Tanks/Fashion tops – When I was pregnant with Ender, I only had maybe two actual maternity tops. We were pretty tight financially with my husband finishing his degree and I had stopped working. So I made do with what I had. This method works, but I regret not having three or four staple maternity tops. I prefer short sleeve maternity tops to full length sleeves because it’s easier to layer and not overheat when I have a base of a short sleeve shirt. My favorite go to top right now is from Old Navy and I have this one in black (which I found at the thrift store!). I got a two pack of short sleeve shirts from H&M but I can’t find them online anymore! Basically this top but in white and black. I honestly prefer the Old Navy top to the H&M tops because the Old Navy top gives me a lot of room and it’s got a lot of give. The H&M tops, not to much. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear those tops full term. So when it comes to tops, I definitely recommend Old Navy OVER H&M.Tanks – Again, Old Navy. Like I said above, I am sticking with a lot more form fitted tops this time around, and am finding I highly prefer shirred tops. This (black) tank top from Old Navy (again, a thrift store find, but I will be getting at least one more shortly) is my preferred tank. It is long, stretchy, and so very comfortable. A great layering piece as well.

    Fashion Tops – I have several plaid maternity tops, and while they’re not fully fitted, they are tunics and fitted around my shoulders and bust line. These tops (and I forgot to get a picture of the third top I have which I would pair with my gray leggings and tall boots) are comfortable, loose when I don’t feel like having something tight(er) across my belly, and they have a multitude of options for dressing up/down as well as adding a lot of accessories.

    tip: Liz Lange Maternity from Target is another great source for affordable maternity clothes. Their clothes are very comfortable, and I wore them a lot with my first pregnancy. I haven’t gotten very many pieces from them this time around because the style is a lot looser and not quite as fitted. I do have one short sleeve top I found at the thrift store from Liz Lange, and this long sleeve sweatshirt kind of top that I pair with a black tank top and leggings. 

  • Dresses – I have one actual maternity dress, but have two other maxi dresses I can wear for quite a while longer. The maternity dress I have is a brand I don’t recognize and can’t find online, so it must no longer exist. But yet again, it’s fitted and shirred. The reason I prefer fitted/shirred maternity clothes is because the more my belly grows, the more I need to be aware of balancing the lines of my body. This has nothing to do with hating how I look or trying to hide, this is all about being comfortable with your body and loving it as it shifts and changes while carrying your child. So while I prefer fitted looks because I believe it’s more flattering for my body type, it is 100% okay if you don’t and like looser more flowy clothes. Here are some examples of the three dresses I have, and some of the ways I’ll style them.
  • Leggings – After I had my first, almost two and a half years ago, I viciously got rid of all of my maternity clothes. I had a lot of prodromal labor before finally delivering him, and I absolutely HATED everything maternity. That being said, I have spent the past year kicking myself about getting rid of my maternity leggings! My absolute favorite maternity leggings are from Old Navy. I am not terribly fond of other maternity pants from Old Navy, but their low rise leggings! Omg, so amazingly comfortable and I don’t spend a lot of time pulling them up like other leggings (or feeling like I have droopy crotch)– low rise leggings in Gray
    low rise leggings in Black 

    I recently purchased a pair of the black leggings and then found the gray pair at the thrift store this morning for $2!!! Score! Leggings are one of the big essentials I consider worth getting, especially for a pregnancy that takes part mostly in the fall and winter. There are some fashion rules are wearing leggings though! 1. Make sure they fit comfortably, no skin tight unless you want to be tugging at them all day and having them cut off circulation
    2. Preferably wear leggings with a tunic top or longer t-shirt (this is personal preference, so this is completely up to you!)
    3. Think Balanced when it comes to pairing tops, jackets, and such with leggings. Do not do super super flowy top with leggings as this creates a top heavy kind of look that with a growing belly makes you look unbalanced. If you’re wearing leggings, have a looser top, but still with definition in the shoulders or around the rib-cage.

    tip: along with leggings, I consider yoga pants to be an absolute must. Especially on those colder fall and winter days when you don’t have to go anywhere! I have two pairs of non-maternity yoga pants, and they’re a definite staple for me. I also have a pair of these workout pants from Be Maternity by Liz Lange. I love the crossover back panel, and they are thicker and just all around super comfortable. 

  • Pants – Like I said above, all of my maternity pants/leggings are very low rise. Both pairs of my actual pants/jeans are low rise, have no panel whatsoever, and have belt loops. For some reason, my hips shrink during pregnancy, so with the low rise and with belt loops, I can actually keep my pants up this time! I have three pairs of maternity pants (one of those is not an actual maternity pant but they work very well despite that) 1. Dark Wash Low Rise Jeans from Liz Lange Maternity 2. Black Low Rise soft cotton stretch pants from Gap Maternity 3. No Boundaries Gypsy pants (I call these my crazy pants). Gap no longer carries the black pants I have which kind of sucks because they are so so comfortable and I will definitely be wearing them after I deliver as well. The Liz Lange pants are a little bit iffy, I need to break them in a lot, but they fit me overall (which is a difficult feat for me and jeans) and I have the skill set to alter them if I decide I need to (I’d need to take two tiny darts along the back waistband so they lie flat against my back). I have heard very good things about both Gap and Old Navy Maternity pants/jeans, and I’d highly recommend them as an affordable option. I would also recommend Liz Lange at Target for maternity jeans as well. The nice thing about Target, is those pants/jeans are on sale a lot.

    tip: just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to become boring or bland! I have several what I call crazy wild pieces (those gypsy pants for example) and I love mixing them into my day to day outfits. Granted, I do have mostly black and gray wardrobe staples, but those are base pieces and can be built upon for some awesome looks! 

  • Accessories – This is my favorite category and the one area of fashion you can go as big as you want or as minimal. Accessories are also the things that you don’t have to have as specifically maternity. These are good at all times, not just when you’re pregnant! I love using accessories (jackets, shoes, jewelry, belts, scarves, etc.) to up the game of a favorite outfit. I am all about comfortable, especially being pregnant, so any accessory I add has to be comfortable and match the comfort level of the base outfit. I have 4 [fashion] jackets and one specifically maternity jacket for wearing on top of layers. The fashion jackets are all pieces I’ve carefully spent time collecting over the past two years. I have two green jackets (I know, I know, a little redundant), one is a cargo/army type jacket and the second is the green jacket I am wearing above in the multiple pictures. I have a tan faux leather jacket, as well as a navy blue cargo type jacket as well. Two of the things I didn’t have were sweaters, which I found two of them at our local thrift store. One is the gray and black striped sweater above. I have a handful of scarves that I only wear when it’s freezing outside, but that make amazing fashion statements for outfits that just need a little something else. I jumped on a deal from H&M for this maternity MAMA Parka and I really like it. It’s not very thick, but there’s enough room to layer sweaters and whatnot under it. The green is not as bright as the picture (think an almost black teal green).Let’s talk about shoes. As this is specifically winter, I’m going to talk about my winter shoes, which include quite a very more shoes than my summer wear (literally sandals and maybe a pair of flats). I have collected over the past two years three pairs of booties. A dark tan pair, gray blue pair, and a black pair. I have three pairs of flats – a black and cream spotted pair, dark forest green, and black with a gold chain around the ankle. I also have two pairs of tall boots – a brown pair and a black pair. Then, I have my winter boots. I carefully looked for the boots I wanted and ended up finding a pair last winter at TJ Maxx of all places! These snow boots can take the place in any fall/winter outfit I would normally wear booties or tall boots with. If you’ll notice, every single pair of flats, booties, winter boots, and tall boots, can be worn with almost any outfit I have. This was done on purpose and these are all pairs of shoes that will [hopefully] last me a very long time. I will need to replace my black and cream pair of flats soon, but I have worn those religiously every fall and winter for the past 4 years.

    tip: I have mixed feelings about their boots, but JustFab has a deal right now where your first pair of boots is just $10 ($15 something when shipped) and that includes booties or tall boots. I just got my black pair of boots from them and they are stiff (they’re brand new and I think just need to be broken in, and they are wearable/comfortable) and after I got the boots, knew I liked them and would wear them, I canceled my subscription to JustFab and that was the end of that. They also carry wide calf boots that are legitimately wide calf.

    Alright, so those are all of my tips for Maternity Essentials! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by. ❤

*belated* Beauties on Fire – Retro!

Go visit Elisabeth's blog for all of our linkup posts! http://www.everythingandnothin.com/2016/09/22/nineties-beauty-retro/
Go visit Elisabeth’s blog for all of our linkup posts! http://www.everythingandnothin.com/2016/09/22/nineties-beauty-retro/

Hi Beauties,

So I had my look all done Thursday evening, went out with a friend, then woke up Friday at 3:30am soaked with blood. There went my post for this past week as I then spent the next four days in and out of doctors appointments, making sure my little guy was okay and then trying to figure out why I had been bleeding! Needless to say, the past week has been quite full of drama and a lot of couching potatoeing to make sure my body can rest and recuperate.

Now, here’s my look for last week’s Beauties on Fire. The theme was Retro and as I looked through “retro” themed tags on Pinterest, the 1940’s kept popping out at me. It’s a very clean, but dramatic look, and I knew I could pull it off. Yes, I was a 90’s child, but where’s the fun in that? (kidding, kidding…) I chose this picture to emulate and kind of sort was able to pin my [waist length] hair up underneath to make it look like I had shorter hair.

PC: http://vintagedancer.com/1940s/1940s-makeup-guide/

The small bit I did of research about 40’s makeup was that the foundation was usually slightly darker than your actual skin tone. Cat eyes were being made popular by glamorous Hollywood stars, and orange red lipstick was really in. The brows were not very well defined, but they also weren’t paper thin like several other decades’ trends. The brows were natural, eyeshadow was fairly neutral with a focus on high cheekbones and bright lips. This look was fairly easy to pull off. I think I need to get some lighter foundation as I got into the fall/winter, because I was noticing that my full coverage foundation seemed a touch dark. Of course this worked perfectly for this look, but maybe not so much for other events! I used some highlighter powder from a hightlight/contour kit I have from Wet n Wild, as I found several diagrams from the 1940’s talking about creating a triangle of light on the cheeks, sweeping up towards the outside corners of your eyes. Then blush is placed roughly on the apple, but pulled towards your hair line, and in a slightly larger patch than modern blush wear today.


And guess what! For the first time EVER, I managed to create perfect cat eyes without having to go back and “edit” with eye makeup remover and q-tips! I was so excited and used my liquid eyeliner and then cream/gel eyeliner. I used the liquid eyeliner to create the dots that I then filled in with a small, precise angled brush and my cream/gel eyeliner. Maybe I’ve done cat eyes enough over the past year that I now know exactly where I need to place the lines? Whatever it was, I was so proud of myself for not having to redo any of it.

And now for some silly 1930-1940’s makeup tips!


Being Bold – Beauties on Fire Collab

Hi Beauties!

My two year old has been having a difficult time recently, so I haven’t been on my actual computer except for maybe once a week? So I apologize for not getting the next Curly Girl Routine post up! I do promise it is coming, I just don’t know when! 

In the meantime, it is that day of the week when we do our Beauties on Fire collaboration posts! The theme you all picked for this week is Bold. Click on the link there for all of our other posts! I have been really enjoying my time with Beauties on Fire and am so excited to see so many different blogs participating each week. We’re roughly 30 fashion/lifestyle/beauty bloggers who write about a specific topic once a week.

Alright, so, I’ve done bold looks before. Which to me means bold eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick. My favorite bold statement look presently continue to be bold lipsticks. I want to find a bold DEEP rich red especially with the fall and winter coming, but have yet to find one that’s dark enough for my coloring. I always pick lipsticks that look dark but really aren’t!

I prefer a more “natural” style of makeup and taking care of my skin is HUGELY important to me. My skin reacts to heavy makeup thus why I keep away from heavy foundation and instead of focus on taking care of my skin so that I don’t have to feel like I need to cover blemishes up. These are typical examples of BOLD makeup for me.

However, there is another aspect of bold that I’ve been including into my daily life and that has to do with fashion.

My “uniform” colors a few years ago were a lot of neutrals, blacks, greys, dark blues, jeans. I was afraid of color. I didn’t want to stand out. I didn’t love my body, and I felt self-conscious every time I wore a bright color even though I was/am naturally drawn to bold colors. After I had my son, I reached a new appreciation and understanding of my body. I struggled physically with health issues after he was born, but began noticing that whenever I wore brighter clothes, I felt more alive, awake (kind of a big deal for a sleep-deprived mama!), and I felt like I was closer to being true to my real being.

Nowadays, I have an even mix of bright bold colors in my wardrobe and neutrals. I like my wardrobe, and I like what I’m putting together as my pregnancy wardrobe.

But, fashion and makeup is not what I wanted to focus on for this post today. I have been learning how to live boldly. I am learning to take giant steps towards my dreams. Even before that though, I’ve learned to acknowledge that my dreams are valid and worth considering and worth pursuing! This week has been another huge step towards living boldly. I have taken the past four months to seriously consider where I want to go in life, and finally made a decision two days ago. I am stepping away from something I thought would be a long term venture, but I have absolute peace with doing so. I am now planning out my steps for seriously pursuing becoming a professional makeup artist. This is my dream, this is what it is looking like for me to live boldly. I know I have a niche and I need to fully develop an understanding of that before I can start finding a mentor or a current professional MA who would be willing to take me under their wing. I am fascinated with developing skin care products using natural herbs, creams, and oils. I want to focus on taking care of curly hair and in the process learning to work with mine even better.

I want to live boldly. I want to fly after my dreams with a boldness that surprises me. Did you know that that is possible to do? To move through life in a way that can surprise yourself? I love the person I am. I love the boldness I already carry with me as I go about my daily life. Part of that boldness consists of being gentle with myself and coaching myself along when I’m afraid of the next step I know I need to take. Living boldly means I take care of my body and let it rest when I need to rest.

So the questions I want to put to you are these; how are you living boldly? How are you stepping outside of your comfort zone and breaking the box you’ve put yourself into? 

Go live boldly and love boldly and dream boldly!

Beauties on Fire – Book/Movie Inspired Makeup – The Great Gatsby


Hi Beauties!

As I opened my wordpress dashboard this evening, I was greeted by a little announcement. Today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog, Lashes & Rouge! So happy anniversary to me!! I can’t believe it’s been a year, and I’m excited to see where this next year is going to lead!!

Okay, so even though it’s late here on Thursday, I wanted to get my Beauties on Fire post up! I missed last week due to morning sickness, but this week was the Book and/or Movie theme and I was excited to try out a Roaring 20s look inspired by The Great Gatsby. So here it goes!

I realized a few weeks ago that all of my liquid eyeliner pens have all dried up, and my makeup budget has been running low due to needing to replace essentials. I knew I wanted to do a cat eye, especially since the majority of the pictures I used for reference included that specific look. So I turned to my liquid liner and combined that with my cream eyeliner to create my cat eyes.


A year ago, I picked up a set of three Naked palette dupes. They look just like the real palettes, except they do lack the creamy consistency of Urban Decay’s real palettes. I use the Naked 3 palette all the time but for this look I used my Naked 2 palette.

PC: https://www.goinnova.com/products/urban-decay-naked-2-eyeshadow-palette

I picked this palette because of the silvers and metallic colors it has. I just realized that I used e.l.f. products for the majority of this look!


Face: As always, I try to start with a clean face and ALWAYS start with a primer. Again my favorite primer is Maybelline Baby Skin. I typically use a pea sized amount of the primer and spread it over my face with my beauty sponge. I prefer to use the Ulta brand sponges. After this has been applied, I then put my Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion on my eyelids. This primer is A M A Z I N G for keeping eye shadow in place.

Once my primers are on, depending on the mood I’m in, I’ll do my eyebrows next or start applying my foundation. My current process for foundation is to mix my two favorites. It’s always Revlon Photoready Skinlights Illuminator mixed with one of three different foundations, BB creams, or CC creams I keep in my makeup bag. Today’s look included the illuminator mixed with e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain. I used barely a pea sized amount of both products because I honestly prefer a lighter coverage. Even though my face has been reacting to pregnancy hormones a LOT more than my first pregnancy, I didn’t feel like I needed to hide completely the red splotches around my jawline.  I start with patting my foundation on with my sponge first before blending. Then, before I start blending I let the foundation sit for about 30 seconds. This helps the foundation start to warm up to your skin and it blends ten times better than blending it in right away.

Eyes: I used YDK as a base for my eye shadow, and built up Snakebite in the crease and outer corners. I used Bootycall as the highlight on my brow bone, inner eye, and along half the bottom lash line. Then I used Blackout to create more of a cut into the crease and along the last half of the bottom last line. Then for the tricky part. Drawing on the cat eyeliner.  I have used this technique every time I do a cat eye and the surprising thing is that it actually works!

I highly recommend watching her video and trying it yourself. As I told a friend recently, my two tips for drawing a perfect cat eye is clenching your toes and play dot to dot.

Okay, so the rest of my makeup was pretty straight forward, but I did want to give a shout out to one of my new must have products. I literally found this by accident at Target a month ago and it has proved useful again and again.

NYX Be Gone! Lip Color Remover – you know how frustrating it is to get bold lip colors off your lips without feeling like you’ve suddenly turned into a zombie? This stuff works so well I never feel like that anymore. All you do is apply a little bit to your lips, smack your lips and then wipe off your lip colors with a kleenex, piece of toilet paper, or whatever you use. And your lipstick comes right off! It’s so helpful for trying lipsticks too.

Well, I’m fading, and need to head to bed, but I wanted to get this post out tonight! I have a follow up I need to do with a fellow blogger who nominated me for a reward and then put up my last Curly Girl Hair Routine post! Both of those will probably happen next week, but we’ll see how my energy is tomorrow and over the weekend.

Night y’all!

and p.s. go check out the link above to see all of the other blogs linking up for this week’s Beauties on Fire post!

Summer [Mom-to-be] Styling Tips – Beauties On Fire Collaboration

Beauties on Fire Logo

Hi Beauties!

Today is the next installation of the Beauties on Fire Collab. The topic is Summer Styles. Now, given that we just announced yesterday that there will be a new addition to our family in March, I figured it would be a good time to write up a fashion post!


Because of this, I’m in the middle of my first trimester and it’s all about comfortable fashion right now. I’ve been pretty sick, so that’s why you haven’t seen a seen any video posts recently.

Okay, so with my first, the end of my pregnancy was at the beginning of summer which made it absolutely miserable. I am grateful that this time around summer will be long over before I start feeling like a whale. My fashion staples so far have been super relaxed, flowing, and non fitted (around the waist) garments. Fitted around the boobs, but loose around the waist is my motto. Because it has been so hot here in Colorado (but yay for no humidity!), I’ve been living in tank tops and my short swing dress, as well as a pair of shorts that have a lot of stretch.


Sorry the picture’s so dark, but this is my favorite summer dress. It’s loose, comfortable, and will work for many months to come. When fall comes along, I can wear this with my leather jacket, maybe tights/leggings, and boots! My theme this pregnancy is to make non pregnant clothes work as well as taking advantage of our local thrift store’s maternity section!

First trimester styling is rough. It is definitely easier in the second and third trimesters when you actually have a bump to show off. The first trimester is often the most miserable, the one when you’re most sick/nauseated/claiming the toilet at your best friend. I, as always, turned to Pinterest to see what I could find. I came across this article, and found it helpful.

While it was helpful, I found another article that referenced this e-book. After getting it from my local library (yes, this is a thing now!) I found it hilarious, helpful, and gave me a different take on pregnancy fashion.

(click on the picture for a link to the actual page on Amazon…or just look it up in your library’s resources!)

Alright, so what are some of the best things to wear for the rest of the summer??

Sandals – I found an amazing pair of durable, fashionable, and goes-with-just-about-anything sandals at Target . I prefer sandals to flats in the summer because my feet can breathe. I do wear flats in the fall and winter, but I sometimes/usually wear boots more.

Loose fitting dresses – like the picture above, and maxi dresses. I have several and while I feel too overheated to wear them when it’s 90+ degrees outside, those will be come staples once the weather starts to get cooler.

Maxi Skirts – again, this is something that will feel a little more comfortable when the weather’s cooler, but these are also a lifesaver when you don’t feel like having anything tight around your waist.


Sleeveless tops/tanks – My favorite tank tops are from Old Navy and are the fitted and long style. They’re super stretchy and long and are allowing for my changing belly.

Remember, during the first trimester, it isn’t time to wear fitted things, you don’t have a bump to show off yet, and I guarantee it’s not going to be comfortable to wear things tight around your waist. This is also a good time to remind everyone, no matter if you’re pregnant or not, to stay hydrated at the temps reach record highs and stay lathered in sun screen and try to avoid being in the sun for extended periods of time.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get up my next installation of the Curly Hair Routine series I’m doing, so keep an eye out for that!

Product Review – Mascara, mood lipgloss, and Julep products

Hi Babes,

How’s your week going for ya? We’re finally back to warmer weather here and needless to say, we’re all quite happy to have the windows open again and to not be huddled under blankets.

I picked up a few new products recently, one being a mascara from Rimmel London. I chose this mascara because of how similar the brush is to Too Faced Better Than Sex. I’ll do a specific compare post comparing those two later. Another product I got recently is from L.A. Colors and is a mood lipgloss. Come to find out, it is probably very similar to NYX’s mood lipgloss. I will have to get one of those and compare it to the one from L.A. Colors at another time.

The other two product I reviewed are from Julep. Now I’m not terribly impressed with Julep’s option for Maven boxes, nor do I like their eye shadow. However, I had a free box to try and I decided to get a tube of lipstick and some eyebrow cream powder. The lipstick is called Girl Code and the eyebrow cream powder shade is in Rich Brown. I do like them both, but I am finding that the lipstick is very drying. I shall have to see if I can find a remedy for that.




I also picked up this travel pouch from Amazon as well as Curl Talk Ouidad from Amazon as well.

travel pouch

DIY Curl Reviving Spray

It’s almost Friday!!

One of the banes of my existence is my curly hair. I adore my curls, but really only on the days they turn out right! But, the one thing I have always struggled with for as long as I can remember is second day curls. So, upon doing some research last night, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I have long eyed Bumble and Bumble Curl Reactivating Mist but as it is expensive, I never got it. And it now appears Bumble and Bumble no longer carries it. Oh well! However, the idea of a curl reactivating spray of some sort has continued to intrigue me. So I decided to make my own.

FullSizeRender (4)

The ingredients for a curl reviving spray are simple; you need a product that will moisturize/hydrate your curls, and something to smooth them. I used a conditioner (Hair Food Kiwi Conditioner) an argan oil (Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil), and a curl reviving gel (Curls Lavish Curls Moisturizer) I already had. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this DIY spray, but the results were amazing! Here’s the rough amounts of everything I put into the spray

  • 4-5 pumps of conditioner
  • 4 sprays of argan oil
  • 15 sprays of curl reviving gel
  • enough water to fill up the spray bottle

I put this all in the spray bottle and made sure to shake it all up so it was all mixed together. A good tip about the tip of spray bottle you need is to make sure it sprays a mist not just a stream of water. *see what I’m talking about in the video.

FullSizeRender (3)

Here’s the link to You Are A Badass – http://amzn.to/1VJJu5G

and the Garnier Fructis spray (which smells A M A Z I N G btw) – http://amzn.to/1Wggvpd

okay, now here’s the video!

Giveaway – Homemade Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Hi Babes!

It is snowing once again here in Colorado, just lightly, but still, it’s April 1st tomorrow!!

I’m sure everyone has had issues in the past, or presently does, with removing eye makeup. One of my favorite and most reliable natural way of removing eye makeup is rubbing coconut oil on my eyes and it removes my eye makeup. But the downside to using coconut oil is that it is some times (pretty much every time) difficult to get the oil off my skin and off my lashes. Sooo, I found a recipe on Pinterest and decided to make my own! These include water, baby soap (tearless baby wash), and coconut oil. I made up three different containers and decided to give away two of them! So for two lucky people, you will be getting your very own container of eye makeup remover pads! The giveaway starts today and will go until the 6th! I will be out of town the 7th through the 10th, so I will send out the prize by the 12th!


Spring Colors/Trends – 2016

Hi Babes!

Spring is fast approaching and we decided to explore some of the spring colors and trends coming this year. First here are some of the spring colors we found and below that, there will be some links to the warm vs. cool colors in spring trends!


Warm spring color palette

Cool spring colors and some more warm colors

Upcoming (most of which are by no means “new”) spring trends – now we liked some of these, but others, like the cold shoulder thing and a few of the pant trends, we didn’t like.