Sorry for the long absence – current favorite products

Hi Beauties,

As it’s been now three months (I think) since I last posted, I figured it’s time to get back into trying to post at least once a month if I can swing that!!

It’s been an very overwhelming and extremely busy past three months and I’ll explain why. Three months ago this next week, my second decided to make an early entrace into this world at 6 weeks early! He was born a mere 4 hours after my water broke on January 31st, 2017. He’s done nothing but surpass everyone’s expectations for him and he is thriving despite having been 6 weeks early and with his spina bifida.

Alright, anyway, life’s been hectic to say the least, but I’m hoping things are starting to calm down. In the meantime, I thought I’d list some of my current favorite products as I’ve done a lot of shifting in my makeup/hair routine recently including chopping off my waist length hair into an a-line mix of a bob/lob (long bob). I think I want to start up my youtube channel again, but we’ll see if that’s too ambitious for right now!

Okay, let’s start with hair!

With the shorter hair I’m finding I only need to conditioner it mmmaybe once a week. I need to get another bottle of co-wash, but for now I’m liking L’Oreal’s new clay shampoo.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I feel like it’s actually cleaning my hair. I haven’t noticed any build up yet, but I’ve also been (when I use conditioner) putting conditioner first then shampooing. This seems to help my hair actually get clean without stripping good oils. I find the scent refreshing and while I’m not entirely sure the “clay” is actually doing anything, I like to think that it is.

In trying to figure out my new styling needs with my new haircut, I accidentally stumbled upon what I’m using right now. Ironically it’s a product I’ve NEVER liked before with my longer hair and yet it’s the absolutely best product I’ve found so far with my shorter hair.


I never liked how mousse would dry in my hair when it was to my waist. I liked cream/gels, but one of the things I specifically asked my hair stylist to do was give me as many layers as she could. I wanted, no CRAVED volume. I also knew that as soon as postpartum hair loss struck, I wanted a hair style I could get the absolute most volume I could. One day I decided to pull out my Garnier Fructis mousse and just give it a whirl. Holy cow, I got INCREDIBLE volume and my hair was SO soft. Check out the picture above, that was freshly washed and volumized hair.

Garnier Fructis Style Curl Construct Creation Mousse

The the last hair product I’ve been using this past week especially is a dry texturizing spray. I had found one by Garnier Fructis called Texture Tease last year at some point but with longer hair it was not a good product for my hair. I must have used enough of it last year because it only lasted a week! When trying to find the spray to replace my now empty bottle, I discovered that it appears to be yet another product that I’ve snatched up that is now discontinued! I then turned to the shelves of Target’s beauty section and stumbled upon a dry texturizing spray that I think is my new favorite product.

Umberto Dry Texture Spray 

I spritzed some of this on my hair after I got home this afternoon, and oh my goodness, instant revival of volume and without any crunchiness! I think I’m going to be reaching for this spray a lot.

Okay! Moving on to face products!

With having two kids now, one being an almost three month old who requires more doctors appointments than my first has had in his 3 years of life, my makeup routine has had to become very minimal. Honestly, all I’m doing right now most days is applying a BB cream after I put toner and moisturizer on my face after showering in the mornings, a little bit of eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and mascara, and that’s my beauty routine.

Let’s start from the skin out –

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner 

I’ve started using Witch Hazel two times a day and I’m really pleased with how my skin is starting to look! Especially with my body still full of pregnancy hormones and everything still settling after my little one’s intense arrival, my skin has been a bit unhappy with me. I don’t mind the slightly alcoholic smell of this witch hazel, it goes away as soon as it dries which is about 2 seconds. I just apply it with a cottonball around around my face, neck, and chest.

Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture Satin Finish Lotion

I used to use this lotion several years ago but I didn’t really know how to take care of my face so it didn’t work all that great. However, I started using it again and I really love it. It’s silky but doesn’t dry oily. I don’t break out from it and one bottle lasts for months.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream – Light/Medium 

OMG, this stuff is amazing! I put this on after the lotion above and break one of my makeup rules; I apply it with my hands! I found this works best for this cream because the heat of my hands helps the cream blend into my skin a lot smoother than if I used a sponge or brush. Also, it’s quicker. I apply the witch hazel, moisturizer, and the bb cream in all less than 3 minutes.

But, when I want to do a fuller face of makeup, I found another new favorite –

NYX BB Cream in Natural 

I ran out of my Rimmel bb cream and decided to try something a little different for my minimal makeup routine. I haven’t always liked NYX products, but have been very pleased with this cream. It blends almost matte once it warms up to my skin. And it goes on really smoothly with or without primer under it. Ha, yet another makeup rule of mine I’ve broken recently! I’ll tell you what, having two kids really makes you figure out how quickly you can do something in as little steps as possible!

So those are my current favorite products! Thanks for sticking around during my absence. Life’s been really hard and busy and intense lately, but I haven’t dropped makeup as it’s become a significant self-care thing for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to start posting with a little more regularity soon!


Product Review – Devera Naturals

Hi Beauties!

Life’s been crazy as usual, but I wanted to share with you two products I was sent to review! They’re from Devera Naturals, and I’ll have to say I’m pretty pleased with them. You can read their story here, but I love that their products are based off of old family Swiss recipes! I don’t know about you, but that adds a little more intrigue and respect for a product when I know there’s a family backstory.

The two products I have been using are the Snow Flower Creme ($43.00) and the Miracle Eyes eye cream ($37.00). I haven’t noticed much of a scent from the Miracle Eyes, but I love the fresh botanical scent from the Snow Flower Creme. I’ve been using the Snow Flower Creme for just over a week now, and I feel like my face in general feels a lot less “inflamed.” Thanks to pregnancy hormones, my skin is in a constant flux and with help from the Snow Flower Creme (and an addition of lavender and eucalyptus oils on the side), my face isn’t as red and my forehead and around my nose especially feels tighter and smoother. I haven’t used the Miracle Eyes as much, just using it when my eyes feel like I’ve been awake for three days. However, when I have used the eye cream, it feels refreshing and brightens my eyes within minutes of applying it!

So how about some pros and cons?


  • I really enjoy the scent and the consistency of the Snow Flower Creme
  • I love that the ingredients are natural ingredients!
  • My face feels refreshed and brightened after using it
  • in regards to the Miracle Eyes cream, you only need a little bit, but I feel like my eyes are refreshed and don’t look as tired after applying it
  • I love that both containers for each creams are small but you don’t need much product so I can see them lasting for a good while!
  • I feel like the prices are worth the quality of these products!


  • I am assuming it is because the bottles were so cold when I got them, but I’ve had a little bit of trouble with the pump for the Snow Flower Creme (not really a con, but the creme is thicker so maybe it’s just harder to get out of the bottle?)
  • the Miracle Eyes cream sometimes stings a little bit especially if I just cleaned makeup off my face, but the stinging feeling goes away within a few seconds
  • The prices for these product may be more than someone would want to spend (see above though! I do think the cost is worth it!)

Other than those thoughts, I really don’t have much else to add! I really appreciate Devera Naturals sending me products to try and I’d highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a new (natural) face cream! I know I’m going to pumping every last drop from the Snow Flower Creme myself!


Welcoming 2017 & Goals

Hi Beauties!

Welcome to 2017! It feels weird that it’s January. 2016 was a rough year for me, but it also felt like the year flew by! Lashes & Rouge has been around for almost a year and a half now, and I’m trying to decide where I want to take the blog in the coming year. I know I have to step back because of baby #2 coming at the end of next month, but how much I’ll be stepping back is still up in the air. I haven’t stopped wearing makeup, haha, I don’t think I could now, but my focus can’t be so narrowed in on this blog.

So, what are some of the things I do want to do?

  • I want to post at least twice a month, and I have a lot of ideas, it’s merely going to be a matter of finding time and energy to put posts up.
  • I’m going to split posts up between three categories (at least for now); Fashion, Makeup/Hair, and Reviews.

I’m still trying to find my niche with being a beauty blogger, and because of that, I’m hesitant to really stick with only one or two things! I recently picked up this planner and I want to try planning out my blogging schedule instead of just doing it whenever I have a few minutes. I’ll also be using this planner to keep track of baby #2’s drs appointments and surgeries and such too because yeah, lots of information going to be coming my way soon!

I left the company I was with last September and since then have been experimenting a lot with skin care and face care. So hopefully I can get my reviews of my new favorites with skin care routines up soon! Being halfway through the third trimester means I’m struggling to keep up with day to day things, never mind about blogging with any consistency!

I hope the first week of this new year has been good for you already, and thank you for following along as I shift and adjust this blog!

An Announcement and Boxycharm review


Happy Friday!

I’m writing you from a snowy Colorado. Spring decided to back track and let another snow storm through! By the way, please make sure to watch the video for an important update/announcement!

I decided to try out Boxycharm last month and got my first box right at the end of February. I will be getting my March box today, but here’s a review of last month’s box first.

p.s. here’s a link to the product I mentioned that does all of those wonderful things!

Porefessional vs. Baby Skin – primer review & compare


Hi Babes,

This is going to be a written post today instead of a video. A few months ago Riley and I tried Maybelline’s Baby Skin instant pore eraser primer. I ended up really liking it and have been using it consistently under my foundation since then. It can be found at Target, Ulta, and online for about $6-7. Because Benefit cosmetics has a similar product called The Porefessional that I’ve been wanting to try it. Ulta has a travel sized bottle for $12. I picked up on two weeks ago and after trying it out a few times I decided it was worth doing a comparison post on!

First, here’s some of the pros to using both of these primers:

  • helps makeup stay on face and last all day
  • helps smooth skin out before applying foundation
  • [as with both of these] minimizes the look of pores

Okay, now, let’s start with Maybelline’s Baby Skin primer. I like this primer a lot and the biggest reason why is because it’s incredibly smoothing and makes my skin feel so soft. My foundation goes on easier and it stays all day. I also do not need to use very much so that one little bottle has lasted me for at least four months already.


Next is the Porefessional. I was excited to try this product but wasn’t as pleased with it as I thought I would be. This primer is actually tinted and looks almost chaulky. But it is a lot runnier than I expected and it blends completely into the skin. As you can see from the picture above the Baby Skin primer is an almost gel. Whereas the Porefessional is more of a liquid/cream. I also found that the Porefessional wasn’t as smoothing or softening as Baby Skin. I didn’t notice any significant difference when using the Porefessional than if I wasn’t using any primer under my foundation. So honestly, I’m going to give the Porefessional only 2 out of 5. I really did not like it and compared to Baby Skin, it did almost nothing for my makeup. I have absolutely nothing against Benefit Cosmetics, but this particular product was quite disappointing to me. Now, if any of you have every used it and really like it, then let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Here’s a few tips for those who do use primers under their foundation. Make sure to look for a primer WITHOUT silicone in it. Riley and I have both found that when a primer has silicone in it, foundation will not stay put. Some of the other primers I’ve tried include L’Oreal’s Magic Lumi primer and e.l.f. Poreless Face primer. I like the e.l.f. primer but immediately returned the Magic Lumi primer. I found that one drying and made my foundation crack.

In other news, I just picked up a sample of Benefit Cosmetics new Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer today and I quite like it. It’s definitely liquid but it dries matte so there’s no sparkly sheen and just a dab of color. Granted, I only put on a little bit, but I really like it so far!


Here’s I’m only wearing a little of the bronzer and my favorite Maybelline lipstick called Magnificent Mauve. Thanks to my Nerium Night Cream, my complexion has improved so much I almost dislike wearing foundation now!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and please comment and check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

2016 Makeup and Hair Trends

Hi babes! I love Friday! And here in Colorado it is starting to get cold and cloudy, which I LOVE! So I took my daughter Kira to the mall and we browsed Sephora and I went in to get a lesson on how to strobe my face, which I will get to in a little while. Now I’m home snuggled up with some hot apple cider and I am writing this post for you all! 

Today I also thought about doing a post on the upcoming trends of 2016. Spring to be exact. Winter makeup trends are basically the same as Fall, so not much to go off of there. Oh, and I’m going to be telling you about the hair trends that we all will be seeing this coming spring too. 

To start us off I will talk about hair and leave the makeup for the end, saving the best for last. 

So a lot of trends that I’m seeing on beauty sites and runway pictures are what look like second day hair. However, it still looks super adorable! So here is an example:

The picture in the middle is what I’m talking about when I says ins day hair. So if any of you have a hard time curling your hair and it never seems to look perfect, then this is the time to not worry about it! Messy, uneven, and loose curls are really taking center stage in the trends for this coming year. Also another thing that is coming back are barrettes and hair accessories. Here is an example:

These are so gorgeous! I love how they add a whole nuther dimension to hair styling. And it can be as easy as clipping back some bangs. So this is a style I’m a fan of. 

Another hair trend that isn’t going away anytime soon is the smooth low pony. Easy and functional. Enough said. 

One thing that I am seeing over and over again when I look at all the pictures is that natural hair color is coming back. So ombré, silver/gray, and vivid color hair is hitting the back burner. It seems that these hair trends are all about making our lives easier. So this is definitely a year I am looking forward too! 

Now onto my favorite part! Makeup! 

The main trend I’m seeing when it comes to eyes, is color. So blue, green, and other color eyeshadows are coming into the spotlight.  

So to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this trend. I will have to experiment and branch out. But as you can see in the third picture, metallics are also sticking around. So that makes me feel a bit more comfortable. Another thing I’m seeing is if you do a bold eye like this then stick with a neutral pink lip. 

If you want to do a bold lip, like me, then I’m seeing to stick with a very basic natural eye.  

Reds are always a staple. And you can stick with the usual ruby red, or you can go darker with a wine red, or go a little more berry. What ever your color, these are the makeup trends for this coming year. 

Ok to wrap up, I want to talk to you all about strobing. I have just recently heard about it and I’m very intrigued. So all that it is is highlighting and illuminating the high points of your face. When done right, you won’t even need to contour. So if you could never figure out the highlight/contour game, then strobing is for you. The only problem that I have is that my skin is very fair, so I’m afraid that I will make my face look super white. If you all want me to do a tutorial on how to strobe, leave a comment below. I hope you all have a great weekend! Until next time! Bye x x

Holiday Makeup Look

Hi babes! I hope you all are having a great Friday. Well today I’m doing a holiday makeup tutorial for you all. It is a day look in the beginning and at the end I show you how to transition it to a night look. This video is a bit longer than the ones I’ve done in the past, but trust me, it’s worth it!

Here is a list of all the products I used:

Naked 3 Palette

L’Oreal True Match Foundation N1

Kiss Eyebrow Kit

Wet n’ Wild Black Gel Eyeliner

Stilla Huge Mascara

Caetel Eyelashes

Duo Eyelash Glue

NARS Red Lip Pencil

Have a great weekend! Bye x x

NEW Foundation Primer Review/Tutorial

Hi babes! Well I know that in the past I have talked about how much I dislike foundation primers, but I just recently found one that I believe is the HOLY GRAIL of all primers. It’s the L’oreal Lumi Primer. I am IN LOVE with this product! So watch the video below to get a full review and also my everyday foundation tutorial.

I hope you all find this helpful! Have a great night! Bye x x

Fall Makeup Look On Mature Skin

Hi babes! I hope you all are doing great. So today I had the pleasure of spending some time with my mom today. She loves makeup almost as much as I do. And she is one of the main reasons I’ve fallen in love with makeup. 

I also was able to do her makeup today too and since she has mature skin so it was a bit of a challenge. But for those who know me know that I love a good challenge. And the end result was perfection. 

The only things that I used that were hers are the foundation primer, foundation, and she did her own mascara and applied false lashes. 

So here is the before and keep in mind that all she is wearing is foundation and finishing powder right now:

And here is the after:

So the eysdhadow that I used was all from my Bights palette by Maybelline. The colors I used were the plum, shimmery dark brown, shimmery white, and gold. 

So the trick for applying eyeshadow on mature skin is blending a lot. And also lifting the brow up to stretch the eyelid to be smoother works very well. And eyeliner goes on easier with the eyebrow lifting trick. 

I started with the plum color on the outer half of the lid and in the crease with a concealer brush. I applied it so that it was really vibrant. Then I put the brown over the top of it with an angled fluffy brush and that way the brown had the plum as an undertone. I also put the brown on her lower lid. I then used the white as a highlight on her brow bone and her lid in the inner corner and the inner half of her lid. I applied it with a bullet brush. Finally I put the gold right on the center of her lids with the concealer brush and made sure it blended into the brown and the white a little bit so that it didn’t look like a stripe. After all of the eyeshadow was applied I used a fluffy brush and lightly blended the eyeshadow.  

For her brows I used the e.l.f brow kit in light and it matched perfectly.  I applied it with a angled eyebrow brush. And then for the eyeliner I used black gel liner by Wet n’ Wild. 

After this I finished her face by putting on some contour powder and blush. And then she put on her mascara and false lashes. After this I put on some lipstick. I used NYX Peekaboo Neutral lip pencil and Tea Rose Matte lipstick. 

I hope this helped all you women who have more mature skin than Caleigh and I do. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow when Caleigh and I do our Friday post. I hope you all have a great night!   Bye x x

Natural Day Look Makeup Tutorial

Hi babes! I hope you enjoy this video on how to get a natural full face day look.

Oh and I forgot to tell you the brand of foundation I used in the video. It’s Maybelline FitMe Dewy Smooth. Enjoy!