Beauties On Fire – Fall!!!!

Go visit Elisabeth's blog for all of our linkup posts!
Go visit Elisabeth’s blog for all of our linkup posts!

Hi Beauties,

Welcome officially to fall! I am sorry for those of you still stuck in 90 degree weather, because that just downright sucks. It’s been gradually getting cooler here in Colorado, and I am so happy about that because not only do I always feel more comfortable in cooler weather, but the majority of my maternity clothes are fall/winter. So there’s that. Oh, and guess what! I’m actually posting on the Beauties on Fire collab day!! It’s been a rough week, but then that’s not terribly new as of late. My little monkey was sick two days ago, we’re thinking possibly just a fluke? But he’s been fine since and has kept everything down so that’s very good for this tired mama.

Alright, fall. Oh, glorious fall! Seriously, this is my favorite time of the year. I love the changing leaves (we’ve actually got several trees around our complex currently changing into reds among the vibrant yellows! I love the rust browns, maroons, the warmer colors that I don’t always look good in but tend to gravitate towards. I especially love fall inspired makeup. My fashion look today, as it did get to almost 80 (a balmy 80 though) today, was a tunic maternity top in a plum color, my black maternity capris, and then my olive green army jacket. For my makeup, I chose to use my Almay topaz eyeliner, and my Shadow Box Urban Decay Palette. The two colors I used for my eyes were Smog and Lost. I used my blush stick I had gotten from a birchbox a long time ago as the blush. For fall colors, I like to go a little darker with the blush and a little more contour because I like creating more shadows and angles. Where spring makeup is fresh and light and bright, fall makeup to me is a little darker, more warm toned, and plays to the angles of your face more sharply.

Besides liking to warm up or darken my blush for the fall, I love bringing warmer tones for my eyes and some darker/warmer tones for lips. I have two go to lip colors for the fall, and I’d like to get another one, but am trying to decide on the shade and which brand. By the way, I do not recommend Revlon lipsticks. Every single one I have ends up going on the lips almost watery, very thinly, and I find it hard to get a smooth finish. Maybelline, on the other hand, is A M A Z I N G when it comes to their matte lipsticks. And thus where my two favorites come from!


Maybelline Touch of Spice










Maybelline Warm Me Up

Now, the Warm Me Up shade is actually my nude lip color that I use regularly. But because my natural lip color is a little darker than normal, this still works for fall as it’s a slightly warmer pinkish brown shade so I find that it accents a fall look quite nicely. Touch of Spice is an all time favorite of mine but I’ve found that over the past year, I wore it most in the fall and winter. It has more brown undertones, still pink, but it’s definitely on the warmer end of cool spectrum of colors.










Enjoy and Happy Fall!

9 thoughts on “Beauties On Fire – Fall!!!!

  1. I don’t have either of these shades and now I totally need them. I have heard amazing things about them and you have proved that they are awesome!! Totally going to be grabbing Warm Me Up first! It looks amazing on you!! Today actually felt like fall here too and I am just so happy!!! Bring on the fall weather!! I am so glad you little one is feeling better and I hope he continue to feel better!!!


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