*belated* Beauties on Fire – Retro!

Go visit Elisabeth's blog for all of our linkup posts! http://www.everythingandnothin.com/2016/09/22/nineties-beauty-retro/
Go visit Elisabeth’s blog for all of our linkup posts! http://www.everythingandnothin.com/2016/09/22/nineties-beauty-retro/

Hi Beauties,

So I had my look all done Thursday evening, went out with a friend, then woke up Friday at 3:30am soaked with blood. There went my post for this past week as I then spent the next four days in and out of doctors appointments, making sure my little guy was okay and then trying to figure out why I had been bleeding! Needless to say, the past week has been quite full of drama and a lot of couching potatoeing to make sure my body can rest and recuperate.

Now, here’s my look for last week’s Beauties on Fire. The theme was Retro and as I looked through “retro” themed tags on Pinterest, the 1940’s kept popping out at me. It’s a very clean, but dramatic look, and I knew I could pull it off. Yes, I was a 90’s child, but where’s the fun in that? (kidding, kidding…) I chose this picture to emulate and kind of sort was able to pin my [waist length] hair up underneath to make it look like I had shorter hair.

PC: http://vintagedancer.com/1940s/1940s-makeup-guide/

The small bit I did of research about 40’s makeup was that the foundation was usually slightly darker than your actual skin tone. Cat eyes were being made popular by glamorous Hollywood stars, and orange red lipstick was really in. The brows were not very well defined, but they also weren’t paper thin like several other decades’ trends. The brows were natural, eyeshadow was fairly neutral with a focus on high cheekbones and bright lips. This look was fairly easy to pull off. I think I need to get some lighter foundation as I got into the fall/winter, because I was noticing that my full coverage foundation seemed a touch dark. Of course this worked perfectly for this look, but maybe not so much for other events! I used some highlighter powder from a hightlight/contour kit I have from Wet n Wild, as I found several diagrams from the 1940’s talking about creating a triangle of light on the cheeks, sweeping up towards the outside corners of your eyes. Then blush is placed roughly on the apple, but pulled towards your hair line, and in a slightly larger patch than modern blush wear today.


And guess what! For the first time EVER, I managed to create perfect cat eyes without having to go back and “edit” with eye makeup remover and q-tips! I was so excited and used my liquid eyeliner and then cream/gel eyeliner. I used the liquid eyeliner to create the dots that I then filled in with a small, precise angled brush and my cream/gel eyeliner. Maybe I’ve done cat eyes enough over the past year that I now know exactly where I need to place the lines? Whatever it was, I was so proud of myself for not having to redo any of it.

And now for some silly 1930-1940’s makeup tips!


8 thoughts on “*belated* Beauties on Fire – Retro!

  1. Love this girl!!! You totally look like a 1940’s beauty!! I love the look so much!! You did amazing with your wings! I am so proud of you getting it right the first time. It really is an accomplishment when this happens (in my case…like never haha). Thank God for Q-tips and makeup remover haha! I am so glad your little guy is okay and that you are too! That had to be so scary!!! Prayers your way love!


  2. Congrats on getting the cat eye on the first go hahaha, it’s such an achievement, isn’t it? My liner always takes me the longest out of anything and it’s so infuriating when it messes up, I can never get mine to match, I’d end up with a fully black face by the end of my make-up application if I attempted to perfect it hahah. As always you look beautiful, your hair really does look as if you’ve chopped it off, too!


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