Curly Girl Hair Routine – Part 3 – References

Hi Beauties,

I finally have a few minutes to sit down and put together this post. I’ve been trying to track down all of my favorite websites and resources for curly girls, and I’m afraid I’m still coming up woefully short! Nevertheless, here’s some of the websites I frequent for curly hair and of course, there’s always Pinterest!

Hair Romance

The first blog I’m going to direct you to is called Hair Romance. This gal has curly hair and actually wrote a book about taking care of curly hair! I believe it’s $9.99 and you can download it from her website. Her blog is not only about curly hair, she has a lot of other great resources for other types of hair as well!

This is one of my go to articles from her blog – The secret to waking up with great curly hair

You guessed it! This is all about the pineapple hairstyle I mention often and it shows you specifically how to do it.

Naturally Curly

I have found some of THE best curly hair articles from this website. I have noticed this website tends to focus more on nappy curly hair but even those articles are very informative! I highly recommend this website to anyone who any type of curly hair. Naturally Curly is one of the first websites I’ve ever seen that focuses on ALL types of curly hair and it acknowledges that there is a huge difference in how you deal with your hair depending on type. I recommend signing up for their newsletter.



HOW BUSY NATURALS PRACTICE SELF-CARE – there are even adorable articles like this that warm my heart and make me slightly tear up because self care is just so important and it is hard to remember that when you’re so focused on your hair working out the right way, or how your day is going.

Okay, these are the two websites I turn to the most for articles. I also use Pinterest a lot. I have a difficult time using Google or YouTube for research on specific things because I get overwhelmed really quickly. I prefer the visual aspects of Pinterest and it’s easier for me to spend time on there browsing. That being said, I have TONS of articles, pins, hairstyles for curly hair, and the like pinned into my curly hair styles boards. These are my two specific Curly Hair boards


Feel free to follow me or even just browse my boards and pins. Most of the tips (almost all) I’ve shared in this space about curly hair has come from a lot of those curly hair pins.

So for researching for your specific curly hair type, I’d recommend first figuring out what type of curls you have. Then research according to that. The other part of having curly hair that can be and is rather frustrating is finding the right product for your hair. To do this, you need to be willing to experiment. I know which high end-ish curly hair products work for my hair, I know what TYPE of product works best for my hair. But that wasn’t an instant thing. Figuring that out took me years. Unfortunately, I didn’t do my research right nor was I willing to invest the time it would take to figure that out. Which is why I’m trying to stress this so much – take the time. Understand your hair type. Research according to your hair type, and then experiment. Be willing to try out the products that are at the top 10 best curly hair products list. I never would have tried Tigi Catwalk Curls Amplifier if I hadn’t seen it multiple times at the top of those lists. I have since then taken what I’ve learned and have now found two separate cheap curly hair styling creams/gels because I know what consistency my hair needs from products.

Here are a few curly hair products that have worked well for some of my curly haired friends.

Devacurl – this is a higher end product line, but their products are SPECIFICALLY for curly hair. I adore their co-wash and hope to be able to get some again soon. I have never tried their styling products, but I know they’re very good.

Acure Organics Argan Conditioner – I have never tried this, but just about anything with argan oil in it is usually a curly girl’s best friend

Paul Mitchell – another higher end product line. But I have heard very good things about Paul Mitchell products. I know a friend who swear by their Spray Wax product for her curls.

Ouidad – another higher end product line that are specifically for curly hair. I have only ever tried their styling products, never the cleansing products. I would say these products are probably better for thicker or even thinner hair than mine. I used their Tress Effects styling gel. While I liked how it held my curls in place, I hated the crunch it left in my hair.

Tigi Catwalk Products – I’ve only tried the catwalk curls amplifier, but I consistently see their products on curly hair recommended lists.

It is possible to find affordable curly hair products from brands like Herbal Essences, Garnier Fructis, and even Pantene. A lot of these “drugstore” brands have been changing their formulas and the new products are quite curly hair friendly. Something that’s helped me with figuring out was understanding the ingredients in products that hurt curly hair. Knowing that means I can pick up a product at the store and will now if a product is going to work or at least not hurt my hair. Curly hair is more difficult to deal with than any other hair type and with anything, it takes time and gentleness to figure out what works best.

I hope that this series has been helpful and by no means is this the end of my curly girl posts! I have a passion for curly hair and hope my thoughts and the research I’ve done will help you reach a good point with your curly hair faster than I did!

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2 thoughts on “Curly Girl Hair Routine – Part 3 – References

  1. What a unique series and a fantastic one at that! I have naturally curly hair and for years made a point of straightening it all the time because I hated my natural hair because I’d insist on brushing it so then of course it would just turn to a horrible huge frizz. In high school I’d leave it down and it would be awful! I just didn’t have a clue about any nice styles that would work well with it, since then I’ve tried different things and have found that I leave my hair natural a LOT more than I used to and actually quite like it! As a child and teen I never thought I’d hear myself saying that!


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