Being Bold – Beauties on Fire Collab

Hi Beauties!

My two year old has been having a difficult time recently, so I haven’t been on my actual computer except for maybe once a week? So I apologize for not getting the next Curly Girl Routine post up! I do promise it is coming, I just don’t know when! 

In the meantime, it is that day of the week when we do our Beauties on Fire collaboration posts! The theme you all picked for this week is Bold. Click on the link there for all of our other posts! I have been really enjoying my time with Beauties on Fire and am so excited to see so many different blogs participating each week. We’re roughly 30 fashion/lifestyle/beauty bloggers who write about a specific topic once a week.

Alright, so, I’ve done bold looks before. Which to me means bold eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick. My favorite bold statement look presently continue to be bold lipsticks. I want to find a bold DEEP rich red especially with the fall and winter coming, but have yet to find one that’s dark enough for my coloring. I always pick lipsticks that look dark but really aren’t!

I prefer a more “natural” style of makeup and taking care of my skin is HUGELY important to me. My skin reacts to heavy makeup thus why I keep away from heavy foundation and instead of focus on taking care of my skin so that I don’t have to feel like I need to cover blemishes up. These are typical examples of BOLD makeup for me.

However, there is another aspect of bold that I’ve been including into my daily life and that has to do with fashion.

My “uniform” colors a few years ago were a lot of neutrals, blacks, greys, dark blues, jeans. I was afraid of color. I didn’t want to stand out. I didn’t love my body, and I felt self-conscious every time I wore a bright color even though I was/am naturally drawn to bold colors. After I had my son, I reached a new appreciation and understanding of my body. I struggled physically with health issues after he was born, but began noticing that whenever I wore brighter clothes, I felt more alive, awake (kind of a big deal for a sleep-deprived mama!), and I felt like I was closer to being true to my real being.

Nowadays, I have an even mix of bright bold colors in my wardrobe and neutrals. I like my wardrobe, and I like what I’m putting together as my pregnancy wardrobe.

But, fashion and makeup is not what I wanted to focus on for this post today. I have been learning how to live boldly. I am learning to take giant steps towards my dreams. Even before that though, I’ve learned to acknowledge that my dreams are valid and worth considering and worth pursuing! This week has been another huge step towards living boldly. I have taken the past four months to seriously consider where I want to go in life, and finally made a decision two days ago. I am stepping away from something I thought would be a long term venture, but I have absolute peace with doing so. I am now planning out my steps for seriously pursuing becoming a professional makeup artist. This is my dream, this is what it is looking like for me to live boldly. I know I have a niche and I need to fully develop an understanding of that before I can start finding a mentor or a current professional MA who would be willing to take me under their wing. I am fascinated with developing skin care products using natural herbs, creams, and oils. I want to focus on taking care of curly hair and in the process learning to work with mine even better.

I want to live boldly. I want to fly after my dreams with a boldness that surprises me. Did you know that that is possible to do? To move through life in a way that can surprise yourself? I love the person I am. I love the boldness I already carry with me as I go about my daily life. Part of that boldness consists of being gentle with myself and coaching myself along when I’m afraid of the next step I know I need to take. Living boldly means I take care of my body and let it rest when I need to rest.

So the questions I want to put to you are these; how are you living boldly? How are you stepping outside of your comfort zone and breaking the box you’ve put yourself into? 

Go live boldly and love boldly and dream boldly!

12 thoughts on “Being Bold – Beauties on Fire Collab

  1. Love this post! You’re beautiful inside and out, don’t forget that! 🙂
    And I love how inspiring this post is. 🙂 if you want to become a MUA, go for it. I still have yet to find my true passion to pursue as a profession, as they’re all mostly hobbies, but I will once i know what I want to do.
    The way I’m living boldly? I’ve begun adding color to my wardrobe (was a black and neutrals kind of girl as well), I’ve also stepped out of my comfort zone and started creating colorful makeup looks and ACTUALLY wearing them as I go about my everyday business. I’ve made some lifestyle changes and I’m prepared to dive deep into school this fall after being absent for nearly three years, idk if that counts, but I’m doing what I know is going to make me feel good about myself. 🙂


  2. Love all your looks girl!! And you are totally right about living life boldly! I am learning the same thing myself. You go girl! Good luck on your journey of becoming a professional makeup artist! I can’t wait to see where it takes you!!


  3. Yessssss! Amazing post!! 100% agree with everything you’ve said and I love the bright colours you use and wear. I’m so excited for you deciding to pursue what you really want to do, good luck with it! My next bold move is to get my first ever tattoo in less than a weeks time, I can’t wait!


      1. Do you have any? I’ve been planning this one for ten years on Tuesday, it’s going to be one of those incredibly meaningful ones and the reason why I wanted it to be the first I got! I have the next two planned already hahaha!


      2. I have two. And I’ll get at least a third one (I have like five I’d like to get!) after this next kid. I have one for my first son and I’ve got to design a new one for my second son 🙂


      3. Aww that’s lovely! I have a feeling I’m going to become a tattoo toodles once I get started, I love them! Speaking of your second little cherub, have yourself and Phil started thinking of names yet? I LOVE Ender’s name, so unique! 🙂


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