Need help figuring out your shade of foundation?? Or hair color??

Hi Beauties!

I stumbled across one of the strangest and coolest online apps ever the other day. I discovered it on Pinterest, of course! It’s called Findation. The concept of this website is simply brilliant! This website takes your previously known shades of foundation in various brands and then tells you what shade you would be in a ton of other brands! Both high end and affordable drugstore makeup. I am so intrigued with this idea!

Screenshot (20)

For me personally, I stick with about three different brands of foundation and don’t like to wander all that much. My skin is a combination oily/dry so it’s hard to find a foundation that doesn’t dry me out but that also doesn’t make me break out as well. But with using this app, I don’t have to guess if I’ve getting the right shade of makeup. Granted, I haven’t tried this out in person yet, so I’m not 100% sure of how skin type works in to the suggestions. I don’t see an option for inputting your skin type on the website, but keep in mind this website is still in beta mode!

Okay, so another cool thing I found via Pinterest is called Schwarzkopf Style Studio Colour Match. Now this online quiz of sorts is used to determine the hair color that matches with your natural skin tone (think cool, warm, and neutral skin tones). This came up with a rather interesting color for me, but I think it’s actually pretty spot on! I won’t be dyeing my hair any time soon, but when I do decide to redye, I’m definitely going to take their suggestions into consideration.

Screenshot (21)

Check these two cool websites out and tell me what you think!


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