Plop Those Curls!

Hi Babes!

I thought I’d take advantage of the ridiculously hot weather outside and put up a quick post about a curly hair technique I recently tried. I stumbled upon the idea of “plopping” several years ago and after one failed attempt, I never tried it again. But, now that I know how to better take care of my curls, I decided to try it one more time a few weeks ago.

Plopping – a process of air drying curly hair by “plopping” wet curls into a t-shirt towel (or something of the same type of material) and twisting and tying said towel up to pile the wet curls on top of the head until dry.


So, there’s my lovely face with my hair all done up. I styled it at usual, but instead of diffusing my hair, I plopped it into a t-shirt and knotted it up. There are several advantages to using this method of hair drying. #1 is a lot less frizz. And for those of us with naturally curly hair frizz is a never ending problem. My hair may not be particularly thick, but it sure does take a long time to dry. I kept my hair up like this for two hours, then decided to take it down to see how my hair was drying. I shook out my amazingly mostly frizz free curls, and was pleasantly surprised to find my hair just about completely dried.


But the longer my hair finished air drying, the more apparent a new issue became. Because I had piled all of my styled, wet curls on top of my head, that’s where all of the product ended up. The rest of my hair still had curl product, but I found I now had an abnormally large amount of styling product coating the roots of my hair. I’m rather careful about how much product I apply to the top of my head because it can become greasy very, very quickly. That is then what happened. I have not tried plopping since, but I may try it again with a lot less product just to see if it can work for me.

Have a great rest of your week! I’m hoping to do some more hooded eye tutorials soon[ish].


3 thoughts on “Plop Those Curls!

  1. My hair doesn’t curl enough for something like this, but it’s definitely something I’ll try on a day that I take a shower at night. I tend to get oily hair too so I don’t put product near the roots at all…


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