My Makeup Brush Set – Product Review

Happy Tuesday!

It’s a rather hot and overcast day today, but I had a moment to do a makeup brush review of a set of brushes I had received last week. My Makeup Brush had a deal a month ago that I took advantage of and I am getting these brushes for free! I have never used oval brushes before, so this was a new experience all around. Turns out, these brushes pick up amazing amounts of powder and made all of my eye shadow a lot more pigmented than I have ever seen it. The brushes themselves feel like velvet and I think these will become my new favorite brushes.


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Okay, so tomorrow I PROMISE I will do a post about a wand curling iron. I haven’t been using any heat except for my blow dryer WITH diffuser and a few random touches of my straightener. But I will pull out my curling wand and demonstrate how to use one such tool. I did my sister’s hair for a wedding recently with a curling wand and I was once again reminded of how easy and fast using one is!

Without further adieu, here’s my video review of these brushes.

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