Makeup Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

Happy Monday!

I’ve been doing some research on what the newest trends are for this summer when it comes to makeup. One of them I had already started doing, and that is non-touring. 


Okay, so non-touring is basically combining contouring with strobing (which is basically mega highlights at the tops of your cheeks and brow bones). Non-touring is basically non-makeup; minimal/light foundation, highlighter on your cheeks, then fresh light makeup for the rest of your face. I love this because this it my favorite kind of look! I love doing minimal makeup and trying to make it look like I’m wearing more than I am. As celebrity makeup artist Renee Sanganoo said, “it’s like Spanx for your face.” What she means is, you know that it’s there and it is “contouring” your face, but it’s still minimal makeup. Think light, fresh, dewy. This is perfect for summer makeup as you don’t want to wear thick makeup that gets drippy or cakey in the summer heat.

On another note, I did read in several places recently that bold/defined brows are here to stay! Defining your eyebrows with powder/gel/cream/pencils is no longer considered a trend but a makeup staple! I’m excited about this because I am really enjoying defining my eyebrows and making that a permanent part of my makeup routine.

It’s a little difficult to find any posts about makeup trends for this summer that aren’t totally outrageous from what’s on the runways right now. However, I did find a post from Marie Claire that gives us 7 trends for this summer.

So the non-touring is one of these trends, as well as the glitter I mentioned in the video. The 7 trends are as follows

  1. Negative space eyeliner – This one I’m not so sure about. I actually didn’t notice the liner until I really really looked at the picture, but it is an intriguing concept!
  2. Non-touring
  3. Sandbagging – okay, so the name of this makes me laugh! And it appears that this could be another Kardashian trend. The basic concept of this is the same as “baking” (applying a thick layer of powder under your eyes and letting it sit then brushing off the excess). However, this further includes doing the same with the extra powder around the bottom edges of the lips. I’m not sure about this, but I guess it works okay!
  4. Lip oils – apparently shiny, glossy lips are back!
  5. Colored lashes – this, I don’t think, is a new trend.
  6. Glitter tears – applying glitter under your eyes to look like tears. This is just one of the glitter trends this year
  7. Glossy lids – this is another trend that actually goes back to Marilyn Monroe. This is basically applying lip gloss to your eyelids! yeah, not another trend I’m terribly fond of.

Okay, so there’s some of the coming trends for this summer! enjoy the video

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