Little Updates

This past week has been crazy for me. I had my company’s big conference last weekend, and all of last week was catching up on life and spending time with my little guy who really missed me last week. During this past week, I spent awhile planning my future goals and figuring out what I want to do with my life. So, one of the big things I’ll be working towards for the rest of the year is figuring out how to become a Makeup Artist. I’ll be looking up information about classes and doing lots of research. This blog will be my testing ground and anyone who has any suggestions, please contact me! This is going to be my learning year for sure.

Some of the things I’ll be posting about in the coming weeks include applying foundation correctly (I’m going to be testing a new e.l.f. foundation!), hot curler tips (hot curlers versus curling iron), and my pinterest boards are overflowing with ideas!

So hang in there, I’m trying to get my crazy wild life back in order! I’ll be posting regularly again shortly. My plan is to do some playing around with hair styles for my sister in law’s wedding next month as well as makeup. Thanks for following and keeping up with my sporadic posting!

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