Giveaway winner announced and new product announcement!

Hi all,

It was a crazy crazy week for me last week! Thank you for all who entered in the giveaway. Would Shannon please message me? I will send out your package out tomorrow!

Okay, so I spent all weekend in St. Louis freezing my butt of between the hotel and the conference center. You all in St. Louis, is your weather always that bone chilling cold in April?? Anyway, I am so very excited about the conference I attended, the new product that was announced, and the new absolutely incredible deals that were given to us in Nerium and to those who purchase Nerium as a customer. I was blown away at how much our CEO and all of those at the top of the company care about every person in Nerium. I don’t know of any other company who does that. I am so lucky to be a part of such an awesome company.

Now, want to know what the new product is???  It’s an incredible eye serum. This is the first product that provides instant results as well as long term. Half of its ingredients provide those instant results people look for, and the other half are focused on restoring skin and repairing for long term results.

This WILL sell out very quickly, so anyone interested message me over at the contact page!!! Nerium has been known to sell out very fast any time a new product as been released.

Happy Monday to everyone and keep your eyes out for another tutorial post this coming week! I just got a hot roller set for my birthday and I’m so excited to give tips and tricks for that!

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