Product Review – Physician’s Formula Cosmetics

I have always seen Physician’s Formula Cosmetics at Target but had never gotten any. I guess I used to just brush off that brand as one that I wouldn’t like. I was partially right! When I saw this kit on Amazon, I decided to give it a shot since it combined several products and saved me a lot of money.

 (click on the picture for the product on Amazon)

It came with a small palette (I really was expecting something twice the size!), two eyeliners, and a dual-ended mascara in black and a weird brown. The palette itself is roughly the size of an iPhone 5s, but it quite narrower than that. I found it difficult to use with an eyeshadow brush as well as a eyeshadow sponge like applicator. I will say that the colors looked so much better and showed up a lot more on my skin when I tried applying them wet. The other thing I did not like about the palette, besides the fact that the colors are so weak, is that it is difficult to get any to stick to a brush to sponge applicator, much less apply them to your eyelids.

The eyeliners on the other hand are beautiful. I love the black one and it might be my new go to black pencil eyeliner. It is very smooth and goes on really well. When I did a swatch test yesterday, I had difficulty getting it to come off of my skin. So awesome staying power and it’s also a pearly black instead of a flat or matte black, which I prefer when it comes to black pencil eyeliner. The brown or even taupe eyeliner is the same consistency but it really doesn’t show up on my skin at all. I did just have an idea…I may try it as a brow pencil before I give up on the product.

The mascara is okay. It’s not great but it’s definitely NOT bad. The brush/spiky thing reminds me of Maybelline’s Volum’ Express The Rocket mascara. I am not fond of mascara brushes that look like this one, but it works okay.  Now I have no clue why someone would want to use a taupe colored mascara over their black. I did that in the video (as that’s what the “instructions” on the box instructed) but I didn’t notice anything different.

Alright, now here’s the video. Also, ignore my mention of “have a great weekend.” Apparently I’m really ready for the weekend!

One thought on “Product Review – Physician’s Formula Cosmetics

  1. I loooove their Eye Booster Eyeliner. It’s not the most pigmented I’ve had, but damn I’ve been using it for more than a month now and it’s so easy to make the lines equal for both eyes. I want to try some mascara from them, but they’re always sold out on iherb 😦
    Diana |


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