How To Clean Brushes & Sponges – Tutorial

** I am playing around with video formatting and trying different apps and such as well editing videos better. So here’s my first attempt at playing around with YouTube’s video editors. **

Hi Babes!

So cleaning your makeup brushes and makeup sponges is a really important part of wearing makeup. I’ve mentioned I would do a post about cleaning brushes and sponges, so here it is!

I’ve scoured many Pinterest tutorials and came up with my favorite way to clean my brushes and sponges. Here’s what you’ll need to clean your own makeup tools.

Products I Used –

  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Johnsons Baby wash
  • one cup
  • one dish
  • paper towels

Okay, I am only cleaning the brushes I use every day and my sponge. Like I mentioned in the video, sponges should be replaced every 3-4 months depending on how often you use it and how often you clean your sponge. Brushes have a much long life with replacing them every year. I haven’t been using makeup to this extent long enough to have had my brush set for a year. But I will most likely start replacing my brushes at the end of the summer. Honestly, if you don’t care about having really high end top quality brushes, I recommend getting a brush set off of or use the Wish app and the Cute app (it’s connected with Wish).

Alright, enjoy the video! I just got a set of eyeshadow, two eyeliners, and a dual mascara from Physician’s Formula Cosmetics today so look for a review on that shortly! Also I will be reviewing a new Ouidad curly hair product too. I have to try it out first though!


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