More Announcements!!

Before I dive into today’s announcements, I had recorded a video yesterday detailing how I do my makeup for the videos. But, the video needs some serious edits (more needing length cut back than anything else) so bear with me! I hope to get that up by tomorrow.

Okay, first big announcement! I am now officially affiliated with Amazon. When Lashes & Rouge was first created last year, I had tried to sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program but it wasn’t available in Colorado. Something changed because now it is! I’m so excited and will be using Amazon links for most of the hair products and some makeup products I review and use. Hop over to my favorite and recommended product page and you can take a look at the updated list! Now being affiliated with Amazon means that the links I post to various products will give me a small commission from anything anyone buys through those links.

Second, I am also working on becoming an affiliate of Ulta AND Sephora. I will hopefully hear something about both of those by the end of the week. So keep an eye out for another announcement post about that!

Next, I have updated the Pick The Topics page. Seriously, people, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you want to see posted on this blog! I am planning out a posting schedule for April and with how much I have going on in April, I want to be able to cover as many things as I can!

Thanks for all of your support and following and subscribing to this blog! If you have time, go check out Online Beauty Finds! I have gotten several great suggestions for products from their blog and I love their reviews.

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