Cool or Warm? Check out Sephora’s app for lip colors!

Happy Friday! It feels good to be at the end of a busy week and looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Anyone have any big plans for the weekend?

Sephora sent out an email this past week which included a link to the virtual artist section of their smartphone app. This app allows you to take a picture and then “try” on various shades of lipstick and lip gloss to see what looks best with your skin tone. I found this particularly intriguing especially since it took me a long time to figure out what the best shades for my skin tone were. Now, Riley’s done a post about undertones before and we’ve talked about it in one of our videos. One of the things that I personally have learned about undertones is that there can be extremely subtle differences between a cool and warm color and sometimes you won’t be able to tell until that lipstick or eye shadow color is on your skin.

Okay so, the very cool thing about the Sephora app (which is free btw) is that you can tell almost right away if a color is too cool or too warm for your skin tone. Really quickly, before I say anything, here’s a brief overview of what I mean by undertone.

And now, here are some examples of the differences between cool and warm lipstick colors.


Okay, take a good look at both of those sets of pictures. For the cool undertones you can see the lipstick colors seem to blend quite well with my skin. In the warm undertones, those four lipsticks look like they’re sitting on top of my skin. There isn’t any harmony with the colors of the lipstick and the color of my skin. Can you see that? Yes the orange lipstick is a little drastic, but that’s just to show a stark difference.

Anyway, I highly recommend downloading the Sephora app and trying it for yourself! Of course, going into a store and checking lipstick colors directly on your skin is the best way. But, this app can help give you an idea. Do you know if you have cool or warm undertones? Share your favorite lipstick colors!

Have an awesome weekend!!

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