Give me wings and I’ll fly! – winged eyeliner tutorial


Hi Babes!

So I found this video on pinterest the other day as a trick for getting winged eyeliner right every time. The whole every time thing made me really skeptical but I decided to try it. Especially since winged eyeliner is my nemesis! You can check out the original post here!

Okay, so here are a list of the tools I used and then I’ll put links down below for the products I’d recommend IN PLACE OFF the ones I used. I normally only use pencil eyeliners and with this new trick, I am definitely going to invest in several felt tip eyeliners as well as an actual liquid liner.

Tools I recommend

  • q-tips – pointed ones work the best, but any q-tips you have would also work
  • liquid eye makeup remover – I prefer liquid for correction eyeliner mistakes over a cloth as it’s easier to use with the q-tips
  • thick tipped liquid eyeliner like this one – this makes it easier to create the dots
  • felt tip eyeliner like these (Rimmel London felt tip eyeliner, Catrice Liquid eyeliner – both are highly rated on Ulta and I will be getting one or both of these)

Today I used Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and filled in my eyeliner with Cynthia Rowley liquid eyeliner which I got in a birchbox special deal a few months ago. Alright, now, here’s the video! And of course, have patience with me? I just learned this technique and I am still working out the kinks.


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