Holiday Event look – Caleigh’s look


Hi babes!!

It’s been so long, we do apologize for not posting. I’ve had a lot of company come through town including also a whirlwind trip back east last weekend (read my tips for traveling with a toddler here). We’re hoping once the holidays are past, we’ll be able to get back to a regular posting schedule.

The reason we flew back to the east coast last weekend was for my husband’s company’s holiday party. I was so excited about this party, and spent a good amount of time figuring out a hairstyle, makeup look, and outfit. This was especially important to me because the party was James Bond themed. Think glam, ritzy, and bold. I have always had difficulty when it came to parties with figuring out the best outfit to wear. I have rarely felt comfortable with my choice; either I’m too dressed up or not enough. As I have given a lot of attention to my body shape and what best compliments it, I felt a lot more prepared for this party. [Shaper shorts help too…]

I went this idea for eye makeup. I regret now not taking a good picture once I was done with my makeup. The picture above was late into the evening, so I hadn’t reapplied my red lipstick and boy was I tired! and yes, that’s my dapper husband Phil.

I kept to mainly the golds and not as much pink tones for eyeshadow. I also added a slight winged eye as well with black cream eyeliner and a precision brush. Then I used my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette for eyeshadow. I used shades like Coax, Toxic, Ambush, Stash, and then a highlighter for under my eyebrows. Here’s a slightly better picture of my eyeshadow.


Still blurry, but you can kind of see my winged eyeliner there!

For my hairstyle, I wanted something elegant and had narrowed my favorites down to four different looks on Pinterest. I settled on this one. It turned out to be very easy to do and my hair, with being already rather curly, held the fishtail braid and roll well.

I loved the elegance of the fishtail braids wrapping over the roll on the bottom. The roll did catch a few times on the top button of my dress, but my hairstyle didn’t fall out and I was impressed.

So now the dress; this is the dress I wore.


When I first got this dress in February I intended to wear it to my sister’s wedding which was in April. But I didn’t get to since we up and moved to Colorado in March. It was perfect for the party, and I wore it with nude heels and I had never felt so appropriately dressed for a party! And I believe I have this blog to thank for that. Working on Lashes & Rouge with Riley and doing research and learning the best techniques (for me) on how to apply makeup and fashion and style has been amazing. It has taught me more about makeup in the past few months than I’ve ever known. I felt comfortable in everything I wore and put on my face, and that’s a huge first for me! The party was a blast, one of the first real dates my husband and I have had away from Ender in a while, so that was especially nice!

I hope you enjoy this and I hope to do a post soon about some updated product reviews! Including a new curl product I have discovered that is hands down one of the best curly hair products I have ever found (and it’s reasonably priced!!!)

enjoy your weekend!!

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