2016 Makeup and Hair Trends

Hi babes! I love Friday! And here in Colorado it is starting to get cold and cloudy, which I LOVE! So I took my daughter Kira to the mall and we browsed Sephora and I went in to get a lesson on how to strobe my face, which I will get to in a little while. Now I’m home snuggled up with some hot apple cider and I am writing this post for you all! 

Today I also thought about doing a post on the upcoming trends of 2016. Spring to be exact. Winter makeup trends are basically the same as Fall, so not much to go off of there. Oh, and I’m going to be telling you about the hair trends that we all will be seeing this coming spring too. 

To start us off I will talk about hair and leave the makeup for the end, saving the best for last. 

So a lot of trends that I’m seeing on beauty sites and runway pictures are what look like second day hair. However, it still looks super adorable! So here is an example:

The picture in the middle is what I’m talking about when I says ins day hair. So if any of you have a hard time curling your hair and it never seems to look perfect, then this is the time to not worry about it! Messy, uneven, and loose curls are really taking center stage in the trends for this coming year. Also another thing that is coming back are barrettes and hair accessories. Here is an example:

These are so gorgeous! I love how they add a whole nuther dimension to hair styling. And it can be as easy as clipping back some bangs. So this is a style I’m a fan of. 

Another hair trend that isn’t going away anytime soon is the smooth low pony. Easy and functional. Enough said. 

One thing that I am seeing over and over again when I look at all the pictures is that natural hair color is coming back. So ombré, silver/gray, and vivid color hair is hitting the back burner. It seems that these hair trends are all about making our lives easier. So this is definitely a year I am looking forward too! 

Now onto my favorite part! Makeup! 

The main trend I’m seeing when it comes to eyes, is color. So blue, green, and other color eyeshadows are coming into the spotlight.  

So to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this trend. I will have to experiment and branch out. But as you can see in the third picture, metallics are also sticking around. So that makes me feel a bit more comfortable. Another thing I’m seeing is if you do a bold eye like this then stick with a neutral pink lip. 

If you want to do a bold lip, like me, then I’m seeing to stick with a very basic natural eye.  

Reds are always a staple. And you can stick with the usual ruby red, or you can go darker with a wine red, or go a little more berry. What ever your color, these are the makeup trends for this coming year. 

Ok to wrap up, I want to talk to you all about strobing. I have just recently heard about it and I’m very intrigued. So all that it is is highlighting and illuminating the high points of your face. When done right, you won’t even need to contour. So if you could never figure out the highlight/contour game, then strobing is for you. The only problem that I have is that my skin is very fair, so I’m afraid that I will make my face look super white. If you all want me to do a tutorial on how to strobe, leave a comment below. I hope you all have a great weekend! Until next time! Bye x x

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