From Curly to Straight – hair straightening tutorial

Hi Babes!

I’m coming to you all today curled up under a blanket at my desk as I watch the beautiful white fluffy snow outside. Because I have second day hair today, I decided to do a video about a new technique I’ve started using. I don’t normally straighten my hair….heat damage and all that. But I have a new product I’ve been playing around with and I rather like how my hair looks now when I straighten it. Mind you, I still leave and actually will purposefully curl the ends of my hair because I do not like my hair all the way straightened.

Products I used:

It 12 in One amazing leave in treatment – $10

Marc Anthony True Professional Nourish Argan Oil of Morocco -$5.99

So here’s the video! Hopefully you can see my hair. I realized too late I was wearing a dark shirt and with my dark hair, I’m not sure how much definition my hair has! Whoops!


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