Reviews: Le Tote vs. Stitch Fix

Over the month of October, I tried a new(ish) subscription service called Le Tote. I had seen a friend post about getting a tote box and was instantly curious. I have tried Stitch Fix before but this seemed a little different. Now that my first month is over, I am ready to give my comparisons and recommendations with these two fashion subscription services.

However, before I jump into the pros and cons of each company, I want to explain a little about what each company does. I am calling these companies “Fashion Subscription Services” because you sign up and monthly receive a box (or boxes) of fashionable clothes and accessories. They are similar to Ipsy and Birchbox only in the way that they are monthly subscriptions.

Stitch Fix

I have gotten fixes from Stitch Fix several times over the past five years. I have had very mixed feelings about it until this year when I decided to try Stitch Fix again. Here is an example of what Stitch Fix sends in their box each month. (I have gotten more than two fixes, but I could only find two inserts from the boxes)


You get five items, all personally picked by a stylist at Stitch Fix. There are usually 4-5 pieces of clothing and 1-2 accessories (necklaces, earrings, scarves, and it looks like they have now added shoes to their fixes – which is new). As with Ipsy, Birchbox, and any other subscription service, you fill out a questionnaire and the stylists go off of that.

Out of all of these pieces of clothing, I only ever kept the Kinzie Embroidery Detail Top. I wore that top all summer and it is still one of my favorite tops. I almost kept a pair of skinny jeans, but they just didn’t fit quite right. I liked about 75% of the clothes and accessories I got from Stitch Fix.

Okay, here’s a list of pros and cons.

Pros –

  • $20 styling fee a month
  • $20  styling fee goes towards any item(s) you want to keep from your stitch fix. If you keep the whole box, then you get a certain percentage off.
  • Stylists pay attention to your style profile
  • accessories/clothes somewhat decently priced
  • comes with a pre-stamped bag to simply drop off at the post office
  • Now has maternity options

Cons –

  • Stylists don’t always get your style
  • only five items ONCE a month
  • accessories/clothes expensive depending on what you get
  • Have to return stitch fix in one week or you get charged for the whole box

Personally, I enjoyed my boxes from Stitch Fix. I felt like the stylists who did my boxes did a good job. I didn’t like the prices of some things, but you also get what you pay for. So in that case, the prices on the jeans and higher end and good quality clothes I would say were worth the price.

Le Tote

Okay, so with Stitch Fix, I have probably gotten 6 fixes over the past five years. Three the first time I signed up a few years ago, and then three this past spring/summer. This was the first thing I noticed about Le Tote, you can get as many totes as you want in a month for one flat fee at the beginning of the month. So I got 4 totes in less than a month.

I adore the purple tote I got in the first box. I may go back later and purchase that I liked it that much. I just didn’t need it! Need versus want, ya know? These are in order of 1 box to last box from left to right. In the second box, I actually kept the teal dress. It is the only button up, A-line, long sleeved dress I’ve ever found that has actually fit with absolutely no gaping at the buttons. And that purple stoned ring? OH my gosh, it’s so gorgeous! I didn’t like the last two totes as much, but I was also mainly just trying to get to the end of the month so I could get as many boxes before I was charged for November.

Here’s a little info on how Le Tote works. They have a store to begin with. Meaning; you can buy the things you’ve gotten in your boxes if you decide after shipping it back you wanted it. You get to pick and choose what you want in your “closet.” You also fill out a survey with your weight, age, and sizes of garments you typically wear. This is to help the stylists pick the best sizes for you. Then, when it comes to the boxes themselves this is where things get really good. You get an email two days before your box ships letting you know you can customize your box! I mean, c’mon! Who does that! There are typically 5 garments in each box unless Le Tote gives you a special gift and you get 6 like I did for 3 out of my 4 boxes. So you get to go into your account and customize the box before it ships. To swap out a garment or accessory, you can choose from 15-20 different pieces. (Less if it’s an accessory) Le Tote is always adding more garments and such so the more you add to your closet the more the stylists know what to choose for you. Not only do you get to pick and choose what you get, you can also keep your box for as long as you want (i.e. the whole month then you get charged if you don’t ship it back before the end of the month), you can wear and use each garment without any fees of sending it back dirty or used.

Le Tote also just began offering a maternity box which I fully intend to take advantage of next time I’m pregnant. Okay, now it’s time for the pros and cons.

Pros –

  • $49 per month = as many totes as you can fit in a month
  • customizable totes – pick what YOU want in your box
  • Wear garments and accessories and send back dirty/used without extra fees
  • Garments/accessories somewhat reasonably priced
  • Maternity box option
  • quick turnaround for receiving totes

Cons –

  • $49 does not go towards whatever items you keep
  • Garments/accessories somewhat over priced (again, you get what you pay for…they have good brands and I would say the prices are worth it)

I truly can’t think of many more cons than that. When it comes to comparing both services, I honestly couldn’t decide between the two. I liked what I got from Stitch Fix but I also like the customizing aspect of Le Tote. In my eyes, Le Tote is the better deal because of how many garments and accessories you can get in a month. But, I do like that the styling fee from Stitch Fix goes toward any garment or accessory I decide to keep.

Guys, I can’t decide! Tell me your opinion and if you’ve tried either of these sites! I’m going to wait awhile before renewing my subscription to either simply because of the holidays.

Enjoy the rest of your week!




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