Favorite Christmas Present Ideas

As both Riley and I are still recovering from colds, and I have company coming into town this week, our posting schedule has been a bit off. But don’t worry! We’ll pick up again once we’re both back on our feet.

Today, as we’re nearing November, I have been thinking a lot about Christmas gifts for a lot of my girl friends and sisters/in laws. I like to think ahead so here are a few of the ideas I’ve been coming up with. I’m not giving anything away to any of you who read this and will be getting a gift from me!

Ulta has had a lot of sales recently, and I can only imagine the amount of products on sale will pick up even more as Black Friday rolls around. But one of the things that would make an awesome stocking stuffer are their Fizz & Bubble bath balls. I plan on getting a few of these myself to use because taking a peppermint bath or cucumber melon bath sounds absolutely heavenly! Or what about L’Occitane Almond Delicious Hand Cream?

Also, as I’ve been reviewing Ipsy and Birchbox, I’ve realized it would be fun to give friends a one month’s subscription to either of those. Personally, my preference is with Birchbox now. Or what about a sample box of Smashbox products?

One of my favorite things to do right now is taking part in the current trend of “adult coloring book.” Yes, I know, super silly, but oh my gosh, take a look at this coloring book! It is definitely on my wishlist for this year. Of course, we can’t forget the colored pencils to go with the coloring book.

So what are some of the stocking stuffers or gift ideas you have for Christmas?

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