Eyeshadow Colors For Your Eye Color

Hi babes! Monday is almost over! It has been especially rough for me because my hubby gave me a nasty cold that he just recently got over. So instead of a video, I’m going to just show you some pretty pictures and tell you all some amazingly helpful tips. 

So tonight I’m going to tell you about the best color eyeshadow for your eye color. Here is a diagram that shows several different eye colors and the best shades for them. 

So a rule of thumb to follow is that the opposite of your eye color is the best shade to wear. So for me I have grey/blue eyes so I tend to wear brown, copper, rust, purple, and pink tones. 

And if you wear eyeliner this diagram tells you the best color to wear for eyeshadow. 

So I usually wear black eyeliner and I think that black is good on anyone, but if you don’t like black eyeliner, here are some more alternatives. 

Well I hope this helped you all! I hope you all have a great week! 

Bye x x

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