Fall Makeup Look On Mature Skin

Hi babes! I hope you all are doing great. So today I had the pleasure of spending some time with my mom today. She loves makeup almost as much as I do. And she is one of the main reasons I’ve fallen in love with makeup. 

I also was able to do her makeup today too and since she has mature skin so it was a bit of a challenge. But for those who know me know that I love a good challenge. And the end result was perfection. 

The only things that I used that were hers are the foundation primer, foundation, and she did her own mascara and applied false lashes. 

So here is the before and keep in mind that all she is wearing is foundation and finishing powder right now:

And here is the after:

So the eysdhadow that I used was all from my Bights palette by Maybelline. The colors I used were the plum, shimmery dark brown, shimmery white, and gold. 

So the trick for applying eyeshadow on mature skin is blending a lot. And also lifting the brow up to stretch the eyelid to be smoother works very well. And eyeliner goes on easier with the eyebrow lifting trick. 

I started with the plum color on the outer half of the lid and in the crease with a concealer brush. I applied it so that it was really vibrant. Then I put the brown over the top of it with an angled fluffy brush and that way the brown had the plum as an undertone. I also put the brown on her lower lid. I then used the white as a highlight on her brow bone and her lid in the inner corner and the inner half of her lid. I applied it with a bullet brush. Finally I put the gold right on the center of her lids with the concealer brush and made sure it blended into the brown and the white a little bit so that it didn’t look like a stripe. After all of the eyeshadow was applied I used a fluffy brush and lightly blended the eyeshadow.  

For her brows I used the e.l.f brow kit in light and it matched perfectly.  I applied it with a angled eyebrow brush. And then for the eyeliner I used black gel liner by Wet n’ Wild. 

After this I finished her face by putting on some contour powder and blush. And then she put on her mascara and false lashes. After this I put on some lipstick. I used NYX Peekaboo Neutral lip pencil and Tea Rose Matte lipstick. 

I hope this helped all you women who have more mature skin than Caleigh and I do. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow when Caleigh and I do our Friday post. I hope you all have a great night!   Bye x x

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