Fall Fashion for the Curvy Girl

We’re changing things up this week by doing a post without a video. It’s easier for us to show you pictures of our outfits than try to angle the camera to show them in a video!

For both of us, fall is one of our favorite times of the year, and if you couldn’t tell, fall fashion, makeup, and accessories are the topics for right now! So today, we’re going to show you some of our favorite fall outfits, and talk about our different body shapes and how we style our bodies to emphasize the best parts.

Caleigh –

I have an hourglass body shape, which means I have one of the “easiest” body shapes to style. Or so I’ve read. There is nothing easy about finding styles, shapes, and accessories that elevate my body shape and don’t drag me down. Because I am short (5’1″ – yes, really, I am short), my challenge is finding garments that elongate my body and make me look taller.

So here are few outfits with which I think I’ve successfully done that.

Outfit #1


One of the thing I need to make sure I do when styling myself is emphasize my waist line. I have a defined waist; the amount of definition depends on the time of the month and whether or not I’d like to lose weight! This shirt is a good example of lines to emphasis your waistline. The folds and lines created by the pleats draws the eyes in and further defines my waist. The shallow V created by the neckline also helps bring the eyes down and in. It truly is all about the lines. Now, everything I’ve read has said that technically my body shape (more specifically because I’m short) means I SHOULDN’T wear skinny jeans. Here’s my “I don’t care” because I enjoy wearing them, and by adding the heeled boots, I still have length in my legs. One last thing about this outfit; Because my hips and shoulders are almost the same width, I have to be careful about not adding more width to my shoulders and arms. By wearing shirts with 3/4 sleeves or elbow length sleeves, I am minimizing the width of my arms. Besides, I don’t like having sleeves touching my wrists!

Outfit #2


This outfit is a little more tricky with it comes to defining lines and such. As I’ve said in previous posts, I adore stripes. How this dress works for me is big black section in the middle of very flattering for drawing my waist in. Because of my skin tone and the colors that look good on me, I can wear black very well. The second thing that helps with this dress is the stripes that get bigger as they descend. This creates an elongated look and helps add height. Also the dress ends right above my knees which also helps create a longer look. The 3/4 sleeves ending right at my elbows makes my arms look slimmer and continues the overall slimming look of this sweater dress. The boots aren’t quite adding or taking away anything. I feel like they’re a good height on my leg, but I mostly wear them as they’re one of the few boots I’ve ever found that I can easily zip up over my big calves. Another thing to note is just because a shoe has a heel doesn’t mean it will make you look taller.

(Part 2 will come tomorrow with Riley’s outfits!)

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