Essential Tricks to Help Your Everyday Makeup Routine – Part 2

Hi guys,

here are my essential tricks to round off Riley’s from yesterday. I am getting to go on a date with my hubby for the first time in several months as we found someone to watch our little guy. I’m so excited!

My first tip is to always use lip balm or chapstick. My lips have a tendency to get really dried out really fast. So I always have chapstick with me. My current favorite is only found at Target. It’s from Chapstick and called Total Hydration 3-in-1. I love all three scents. Having well moisturized lips helps lipstick and lip gloss go on a lot smoother.

My second tip is to check your makeup outside in full natural light. I figured this out recently when I looked in the mirror in the car and saw I had missed a spot with my foundation. This is a good tip as well when it comes to cleaning up your eyebrows.

Lastly, my favorite on the go look is applying a little bit of bronzer under my eyes across my cheeks. This gives a sun kissed glow and completes a more natural makeup look. I use bronzer more than I use blush. I’ll post about my go to look sometime next week. But my typical makeup look is definitely more natural and I try to be as minimal as possible with my makeup since my skin breaks out when I wear foundation too often.

Anyway, those are three of my favorite go to tips! Enjoy and comment with your favorite tips! As always, check out our Pick The Topics page and help us pick our post topics. Check out our donate button on the side too! Any donations go towards us getting new products to review and try and then tell you about.

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