Caleigh’s “I Take It Back” – Updated Product Reviews

When I received my August Glam Bag from Ipsy, it contained two products I wasn’t thrilled to get. One was a product from Juice Beauty, the other a small thing of nail polish from Aila. I don’t usually wear nail polish. Things like my hands looking like a Jackson Pollock painting and not liking bright colors on my nails, keep me from enjoying nail polish. However, I decided to give this nail polish a chance. Lo and behold, I found I could finally paint my nails all by myself and they looked good! And I actually loved the color! Double bonus! Besides, I got a kick out of the nail polish color being called “Mister Pookies.”

The second product I found I actually do like is a product from Juice Beauty called Cleansing Milk. I can only describe the scent as a spicy smell. It isn’t sweet, but smells “organic.”

Enjoy the video! and don’t forget to try something before you give up on it!

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