Curly Hair Techniques

IMG_6176 Hey all,

So because you picked Curly Hair Techniques as one of the topics for this week, here’s my post about it!

I am going to detail out here in writing each step, then I’ll leave you with a video to watch. Pardon the length, I spent a good part of the video showing how I diffuse my hair.


Step one:

Wash your hair. I am currently using this shampoo and conditioner from Target. I also completely forgot to mention the Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask I use once a week.

Step two:

Dry your hair. I never scrunch or twist my hair when drying it with a towel. I’ll squeeze the water out with a towel, but never touch the top part of my hair. That helps prevent frizziness, which I know us curly haired gals are prone too.

Step three:

Apply product. I use Ouidad Tress Effects. I have tried multiple curl gels over the past decade, and it came down between the Ouidad gel and Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls. Miss Jessie’s curl gel products are nice, but I found I had difficulty keeping my hair curled through the end of the day with that product. The Ouidad gel, in combination with diffusing, kept my curls strong well into the second day. I like to make sure my hair is completely coated with the gel before moving on to the next step. Don’t be afraid to be generous, but it truly is up to your preferences!

Step four:

Scrunch hair. For this step, I use an old, soft t-shirt I never wear anymore. Using this method helps distribute the product more evenly without getting more of the oils from your hands on your hair. With curly hair, it is important to touch your hair as little as possible.

Step five:

Diffuse curls. I use a diffuser attachment on my blow dryer. Using a diffuser helps dry your hair without having direct contact with the heat and air of your blow dryer. I take small sections of my hair and plop them into the diffuser before holding it all up to my head for roughly 30-40 seconds. Do this all around your head until your hair has reached the level of dryness you want.

Step six:

Apply finishing oil or serum. This step is purely optional. I use a SheaMoisture Smooth & Repair High Shine Glosser as a finishing touch for my curls. I probably use this only half the time, and usually only if my hair feels extra frizzy and needs a little something.

Step seven:

Enjoy your new curls! Style as you’d like, and of course, this is my personal way of styling my curls. It is the method I have come up with after years of trying many products and various techniques.

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