How to Cut Layers


Congratulations! You get to see my hair in a state that is rarely seen in public! Having curly hair means I need to have layers cut at least every two months, if not less. But, having curly hair also means getting a regular haircut isn’t always affordable. About once a year I will get an Ouidad haircut. Because these haircuts usually range from $80-100 per haircut, I wanted to find something that I could do myself. So I turned to faithful Pinterest. I desperately needed a haircut! I came across several pins that ended up being very helpful.

I found this blog post first, and while it was helpful, I knew I needed more layers than what this showed. My hair is deceptively thick and doing only three sections of layers isn’t enough. Then I found this post. I liked her recommendations as well, so I combined the two slightly different techniques.

*Just a note before we get started; This is more of a trim than dramatically cutting layers, so it’s not going to look much different than the before picture.

Let’s get started!

Tools I Used:


(I need to get myself a pair of styling shears, so please excuse the old sewing scissors there! The thicker of the two hair bands is for the first two layers. The thinner one for the last two.)

First step:


let your hair down then brush out all of the knots. For curly hair it might be easiest to use a wide tooth comb first, to work out any big knots you might have.

Second Step:


Brush your hair up into mid level ponytail. Once you see the other three leveled ponytails, it will be easier to see where this one falls. Try to make sure all of your hair is smoothed into the ponytail. This is to make sure when you cut the hair, it’s even. After you make sure the ponytail holder is tightly in place, bring all of your hair forward like this….

Third Step:

(Pardon the terrible lighting – I couldn’t get this shot very well, unfortunately!)

okay, make sure the hair is all pulled forward. I wet the ends of my hair to make it easy to hold and cut. Hold your hair between your fingers and cut off however much you want to. I cut roughly between 1/2 an inch to 3/4 of an inch off.

With the next three layers you’re going to cut, you will pull up less and less hair.


(Second layer) I let down roughly a third of my hair before I pulled the rest back up into another pony tail. Do the exact same thing as before; sweep the hair forward, wet the ends, and cut off however much you want.


(Third layer – you can see how the second layer looks there just above the bottom of my hair) Repeat all of the above steps. This time it gets a little tricky about how much hair I let down. I usually split the last three layers into about thirds. So whatever feels like a third of the hair left to cut, let that down.

Hint: if you have less hair, doing only three layers would work great! Evenly cutting only three layers will look just as good.


(Fourth and final layer) As you can see, this final layer is really high. I cut the most off of this layer so there are obviously shorter layers on the top. I typically cut off closer to an inch of hair on this layer.

Once I’m done cutting the layers, I let my hair down completely, and shake it out. I wasn’t able to get pictures of this, but I usually have to trim the pieces of hair closest to my face. Then I wash my hair and condition it. After drying most of the water out, I’ll style my hair, and here’s the finished look!

Comment and let me know what you think! Feel free to ask questions as well!

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