Welcome to Lashes & Rouge!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site! We hope you will be able to find the tutorials and posts helpful, informative, and fun. While there are many makeup blogs and sites out there, we’re hoping to make ours a little more unique. A few of our goals are to help create makeup routines that are fast and easy for moms. As well as try out new products and give reviews of our favorites and the ones we think aren’t so great. Hopefully down the road, we will introduce giveaways, and we’re very excited about that!

In this post we’d like to give you a more in depth introduction to the two of us. We never would have thought meeting at a random mom’s group meetup would turn into us doing a blog together!

Caleigh –

I have always had an interest in makeup and fashion. As a young girl, I wanted to wear makeup, but I wasn’t allowed until I was 16. I used to watch the older girls I knew and envy their pretty faces and fashion sense. A close friend, when we were talking about fashion one day, asked me if I had summer, winter, autumn, or spring coloring. This was my first realization certain colors looked much better on some people more than others. I found charts somewhat helpful, like this one from Pinterest. But, no matter how much I tried to fit into the limited color pallets, I fit halfway between a Clear Spring and a Deep Autumn. Finding which season of coloring I mostly fit into helped me figure out a general color scheme that enhances my looks instead of clashes or diminishes them. It was through much trial and error before I settled on a full color scheme which I adore and which elevates my natural beauty.

Colors are only part of my journey. I have an awkward mix of curly hair; it’s half wavy half curly, and frizzy when I don’t properly take care of it. Not only did I need to learn what colors complimented me the best, I had to learn how to take care of my curls. I have had varying hairstyles over the years; some short, some with side bangs, full bangs, and super long hair. I didn’t learn how to take care of my hair in general until I was roughly 18. I grew up in a very conservative home, long hair and modest clothing were glorified. I used to have waist length hair, but that never did anything good for my curls. When I learned about layers and had some cut into my hair, it made a huge difference! I learned having layers in curly hair helps the curls breathe and gives them the freedom to bounce naturally.

Today, I prefer a natural, clean makeup look. I try to keep my overall style elegant, but reserved. I have developed quick and easy ways of taking care of my curls and makeup, with special emphasis taken when I’m going to special events. I do hope as this site evolves, I will learn more about makeup, fashion, and my own personal style!

Riley – 

So I have always loved to wear makeup. Unlike my friend Caleigh, I was allowed to wear makeup since I was in the 6th grade. However, I was only allowed to wear one coat of mascara on my upper lashed only. Then the older I got, the more freedom I got. I experimented with every style until I found my favorite. My mom was a huge influence for my love of makeup. I used to watch her put it on all the time. Ever since I was young, I knew that light colors went on the brow bone and lid and that dark colors went on the outer lid, crease, and lower lid. It took me several years to find the colors that look best with my skin tone and eye color. My favorite makeup memory is when I went goth with my style. Heavy black only. Thank goodness that didn’t last very long! I learned a lot of tips and tricks from Pinterest in the past couple of years that have solidified my personal style.

Also, I absolutely love hair. I want to go to beauty school eventually. I love to find ways to elevate the everyday ponytail or bun. Usually I use braids to do this. I have straight, thick, blonde hair. I have a motto that I use on a regular basis: “It will always grow back.” So because of this motto, I have had many different hair styles ranging from a perm, pixie cut, bob, brown color, and even purple. Right now I’m rocking a nape undercut with a design under long hair. I love to experiment with my hair because I know that it’s never permanent.

I’m still on the journey of really solidifying my personal clothing style. I wear a lot of different styles extending from bold colors and patterns to jeans and T-shirts. But I find that I like to change up my clothing style. It keeps things interesting.

So I hope you find that kind of refreshing newness and experimentation on this blog!

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